Friday, 2 April 2010

I Just Want to Help You

I sat this morning...sipping coffee and having a donut...viewing the flood damage in Rhode Island. It's serious damage....the biggest flood in 200 hundreds. The CNN guy was talking about disaster relief and how the area is suffering terribly. The more I watched....the affected I was.

So I've come to this suggestion....mandated flood insurance.

Yes, I believe it's time that if you live in a flood plain area identified by the government....then you should be mandated and required by the government to have flood insurance.

I realize some of you are conservative in nature and just don't want more government control in your lives. But here's the deal....this makes perfect sense (I really don't need to explain this).

So this is what I'm willing to do. I'll write the 2700 page bill to help structure mandated flood insurance for all Americans who live in an identified flood plain. It'll be mandated, and if you don't pay....we will force you to pay $1,200 a year to make up for your unwillingness.

We will put a guy in charge of this whole business. Naturally...we can't start this the first year or second or third. It'll actually start up the fourth year (don't ask me's just necessary).

The neat thing is that we will make this in a fashion so you can't be turned down. Doesn't matter if you own a $5 million dollar house or a $30k RV's the same get in the door.

So the last part of this deal is that we can find various analysts....some actually speak English and have attended community college somewhere in America....that will gladly step onto CNN to explain everything in unexplainable talk. So we strongly recommend you run to your senator and get them involved in this effort.

The key factor here....if the Supreme Court says that health insurance can be mandated....then my idea for mandated flood insurance just turned 300 percent better and makes perfect sense (don't ask).