Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Answer Man

I tried to watch a news item this week...but at some point...I gave up.

Over in Charlotte....the President came one of those question-and-answer sessions. It was apparently with regular workers at some battery plant. The last lady in this whole session was rather upset with more taxes being dumped on folks. So she phrased a rather simple question....hinting maybe it wasn't wise to toss taxes into this "health care package".

The President came right back....hinting of misinformation.

Then he proceeded to spend seventeen minutes and 2,500 words....talking the battery workers into some soft mind mushy-state.

He covered the deficit, pay-as-you-go situations, talk on the Congressional Budget Office, Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages, FICA, payroll taxes, etc, etc.

The camera guys tried to avoid the audience after the tenth was already dazing them.

I will offer some advice here. In the beginning...back in 2009...these sessions worked for five or six occasions. At some point, the gusto kinda went south, and most folks are plainly bored by this Presidential chit-chat. The questions are left answered in some fashion that leaves you wondering what the original question was to begin with.

My advice is to lock down the President and limit this question and answer session to two episodes a year. If you allow this to continue and half the people out there get used to hitting the mute button whenever they see the President on'll screw up everything.

And I'll offer one other small piece of advice here....the idea that the President knows all the answers...bothers me. If people start to ponder this and think about it for a while....they will start to laugh. The only way that a President could know all the answers....would be (A) he knew the questions ahead of time or (B) you have such a low margin of answers that any idiot could answer them and get it right.

Just my two cents.