Sunday, 4 April 2010


Almost daily...there's some episode to occur with Metro rail or Metro bus in DC. Today....I was going to make the journey up to my cousin's place (25 miles away), via Metro here in DC.

So I arrived at 0710 to find the Pentagon subway station locked up. Forty folks were waiting. Station was supposed to open at 6AM. So I stood there for ten minutes...and the big manager finally appears to open the subway door, almost 80 minutes past when it was supposed to be open.

Where was the station manager? You have to wonder about that...but hey, this is DC, and this is how Metro works.

Last week on Friday....they had a Metro bus driver who had a car pull out in front of him. Driver gives the driver returns the finger. Then the car driver pulls out a knife and waves it at the bus driver. Then the bus driver pulls out a knife and waves it at the car driver.

Now the passengers watch the cops and watch both guys get eventually arrested. So here was the bus driver, lead away in handcuffs and the passengers stand around for thirty minutes until another bus driver can be brought in.

You can't go a day in DC...without a Metro episode of some type.