Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Dose or Two

My adventure for today...consisted going up to visit my cousin (the minister) and get a dose of Methodist religion (never hurts to lessen the Baptist know).

There are three observations about attending a Methodist church.

First, about every 8.5 minutes...they run up a song and get everybody to standing. So you never got a chance to sleep like you would in a Baptist Church.

Second, you kinda notice that an awful lot of folks are over the age of fifty. Recruitment is a bit difficult with the Methodists because they don't offer any fitness clubs, child care services, private school operations, or pumped-up enthusiasm (not to say that Baptist are fake when they pretend to be all pumped-up). You are left wondering what happens in two decades as most of these older guys pass on and how the churches deal with smaller operations.

Third and final...rather than dwell verse by verse on some come to appreciate an effort where a verse or two is applied to common sense or life skills or philosophy within our lives...and that becomes the 15-minute sermon itself.

One of the worst pains growing up and attending any Baptist church was thirty minute sermon that ran through fifteen verses and always ended with "do you feel guilty enough now"?

After the Methodist service...since you don't have any guilty feelings...half the crowd runs out back to have coffee and cake, while the other half runs home to settle on lunch or to catch up on football or baseball.

So a dose of some ethical words and a bit of Biblical philosophy was part of my day. And maybe I'll take another couple of doses as time passes this year while living in DC.


Almost daily...there's some episode to occur with Metro rail or Metro bus in DC. Today....I was going to make the journey up to my cousin's place (25 miles away), via Metro here in DC.

So I arrived at 0710 to find the Pentagon subway station locked up. Forty folks were waiting. Station was supposed to open at 6AM. So I stood there for ten minutes...and the big manager finally appears to open the subway door, almost 80 minutes past when it was supposed to be open.

Where was the station manager? You have to wonder about that...but hey, this is DC, and this is how Metro works.

Last week on Friday....they had a Metro bus driver who had a car pull out in front of him. Driver gives the driver returns the finger. Then the car driver pulls out a knife and waves it at the bus driver. Then the bus driver pulls out a knife and waves it at the car driver.

Now the passengers watch the cops and watch both guys get eventually arrested. So here was the bus driver, lead away in handcuffs and the passengers stand around for thirty minutes until another bus driver can be brought in.

You can't go a day in DC...without a Metro episode of some type.


I spent around fifteen minutes yesterday....looking at the spec's of the new IPAD. No USB connection and limited storage space. For the $600 you'd just didn't make a lot of sense. Lines were forming up and apparently, it was doing a brisk sales job yesterday.

The common sense guys like me....won't touch this model. The excited types....will spend the $600. Then around December...another model will hit the streets. This model will have the USB capability and the storage space. The first wave of guys who bought the lesser model...will dump theirs and go to this. The second wave of common sense guys will walk in and buy their model. The company will make a huge profit off the first model with lower expectations.

So the real winner by the end of the Ebay, as folks try to sell off the first model that lacked the extras. The new gadget that folks bought for $600 this week....will sell for $100 in December off Ebay.