Monday, 5 April 2010

My Idea

A very serious change has come to the Air Force this month. It's entire arsenal of Blackberrys, almost 50,000 total....have been made less than capable.

Yes, starting this month.....these generals and commanders....can no longer use the Blackberry to send text messages with photos or videos attached....or even download new applications. They even disconnected the Bluetooth ability of the Blackberrys.

I sat there and pondered over this.

Basically....other than the nifty keyboard, there's really no other reason to have a Blackberry now....if you were an Air Force commander.

But then we come to the "threat". All of this is being done because of the cyber threat that the Air Force now believes exists with Blackberries. Malicious activity.

The more I thought about this....the more I realized that cyber warfare is now ready for my "fix". I have this idea of an electronic item, running off 110-power, with 51 keys. It would be used to transmit messages via paper. With each hit of the key, you would transmit letters to the paper, and then you'd mail the message to the party responsible. It could never be hacked.

This electronic mechanism? I don't have a name yet, but I'm thinking Cyber Warfare "Stomper" would be a great title. I could stop the Chinese quickly and effectively. I could take on the Russian KGB crowd. I could stop all these teenage punks who try to probe networks.

My item would sell for about $800 and I'm also thinking of a manual "Stomper". The great thing about this device is that we could give them to commanders and replace all the Blackberries.

I realize the Air Force security folks may not be happy with my invention.....because I'm hoping to put them out of business and let them go back to post office rooms, courier teams, and administrative functions.

Time's Ice Melt Woes

Time magazine...for those who rarely pick it up or grasp it's business a dying publication.

Profits have spiraled over the past decade and a strong segment of it's old subscription effort has evaporated.

This past week...Time went back to the Time in some enthusiasm by applying the "scare". You basically take a story....any story....and apply some science report to support your "scare". This topic? Melting Arctic seas.

The sad thing? The British press came out on the very same day of the article from Time, and admitted that the ice in northern at the highest levels of the past decade. So as dramatically as Time pumped itself's deflation occurs just as fast.

My guess is that Time will continue it's current pace...and within five of a value that some Chinese or Taiwanese beer distributor will be able to walk in and buy the company.

Most folks will laugh when they hear about this deal...and then dismiss Time as a legit news publication "then". I'll laugh because I've been dismissing Time as a legit news publication for over a decade.

The Problem with Local Government

I had an associate put forth an observation which leads to a question:

Sadly, several of the headlines in this list or articles are about the number of candidates, primarily incumbents, who have no opposition, while at the same time so many citizens complain about our legislature and the need of new faces with new and better ideas on Goat Hill and in other offices at the state and local levels. Why are so many lacking opposition do you suppose?

I sat for a while, and thought about it....and then considered an item that my brother sent me this weekend.

This story came from Cherokee, a good example. Basically....folks from Cherokee are up in arms over local elected folks. Some folks perceive them as being corrupt, and some folks are perceived as being incompetent. In the end....a bunch of the locals just aren't happy at all.

They have seen incompetent folks manage and they have seen corrupt folks manage. Neither one appears to be fixing the problem. Why won't regular local folks step in?

Most regular folks tend to farms, run a transmission business, haul lumber, and make a honest living....they don't want the hassle of government operations where people want "favors", buy into a $4 billion dollar septic tank system for a 20,000 resident town, give contracts to their cousin to fix the city hall roof, and argue with the town cops over why they don't need a professionally trained assault force with $6k machine guns.

So the "real" folks stay home and do honest work....leaving the gov't mess for the "volunteers".

I watch the history channel every Sunday night....and Axmen comes on. There's this guy from Louisiana who does swamp-jacking.....walks around barefoot whilst near copperhead snakes....and swims in gator-infested waters. If you offered him a job as county commissioner with $100k a year attached to the deal....he'd make a fine, honest, and trust-worthy commissioner. But he'd never take the job because it'd make him unhappy.

I think most of us would act the same way.

In my home town in Bama....the auxiliary cops got into a whole bunch of trouble. The only way to fix it....was to fire all of them and rely on just one paid cop for the town. This got about one-third of the town all upset because they knew the auxiliary cops and felt this was just wrong. So the elected guys had to sit there and take tons of abuse.....making the right decision.

Nationally, we are upset at all the folks....Republicans and Democrats. The point of this stick is that we've got various channels showing us how stupid they are, and we just don't want to take much more. If there was a local channel showing how stupid our local guys were.....we might eventually take some action.....but considering the fact that someone has to replace them, there's a problem.

The only solution in this case? I'd like to say less government, but that never is an option. So As you mix ice tea this summer....set aside a bottle of Vodka and always toss three shots into the glass of tea. This solution will help you get over the problem.