Thursday, 8 April 2010

Just Another Metro Episode

Around 1:18 yesterday....out on the Metro subway tracks in DC....some gal climbed off the platform and laid down to get hit. Suicide-by-Metro attempt.

This kinda brought the entire line to a halt and it took a number of hours for normalcy to return to the DC Metro line. The woman? As of last night, she was still alive....but barely.

I don't have much of a problem with someone just wants to commit suicide. The minute that the person starts to involve anyone else....I'm pretty much against them in every possible way. You see alot of this these days. Suicide-by-cop, suicide-by-car, suicide-by-bus, etc.

The thing about this attempt in DC.....everyone onboard the train was affected. The train driver will likely never drive again. The folks who had appointments throughout the afternoon or had to reach important destinations were delayed by an hour or two. And all of this over a desire to make this a public offering? I don't buy the excuses that this person might offer.

If you want to do something bad will just simply do it. And you should be more than capable of doing it by yourself to settle your own score. Past that point....involving seem to have some motive to punish as many people around as possible. This punishment mentality just isn't acceptable. People didn't ask to be a part of your episode, and they certainly don't want to hear your discussion over this act.

My two cents and rave of the day.

Virginia and Its Label

Imagine if you will....that an event occurred that lasted about five to six years, that didn't effect you, your dad, your grandfather, or his dad. Imagine that this event came to pass and really didn't determine your least in a positive sense. Then finally imagine that now.....a governor has determined that this event....Confederacy month in Virginia....gets brought up and charged up by the state governor.

This week....for the first time in eight's back on the table. Folks are a bit disturbed about it, but Governor McDonnell says full speed ahead.

Frankly, I don't buy into the honor of Confederacy month. This government of sorts lasted six years at best and then dissolved.

The state choses not to remember it's 150-year-plus period where it was part of the King's Crown of England.

The state also choses not to remember it's 12,000 year period of association with the American Indians.

If you honor the might as well have Virginia Indians month and King's Crown month....but they won't dare do that.

The number of facts you can get out of the whole Confederacy period when discussing government activities only (and not the war)? Pretty much limited to fifteen pages of history that's worth mentioning over a six-year period. It wasn't exactly a long and productive period.

So Confederacy month will come and go in Virginia, and be marked by a couple of speeches.....mostly over the war (never the government itself), and life will go on. The amusing thing is that it's the war that really counts in this whole debate. Folks get into this part. But if you tried to associate government activities into the discussion....folks would just look at you and ask why would you bring up such a boring topic?

So my two cents on my state of residence.