Friday, 9 April 2010

The Greatest Job in the World

It's a greatest job in the world kind of day.

If you lived in would swear the greatest job anywhere, is working at the Catfish Cabin and grilling pure and simple catfish all day long.

If you lived in would swear that running a Friday night rodeo is the greatest job in the world.

If you lived in Florida and wrestled'd swear that was the greatest job in the world.

If you lived in New York'd swear that driving a taxi is the greatest job in the world.

Well....out in Copenhagen this past week.....the face of reality came up against people who had the greatest job in the world. Carlsberg brewery workers faced a hostile change in their great job. The management folks changed things.

First, there is a new alcohol policy. You can only drink beer now during lunch hours in the canteen. Prior to this could drink all day long.

Second, there were coolers all throughout the brewery where you'd stop and just pull out a of charge.....and just start sipping it. Those coolers have now been removed.

Third.....a anti-drinking list of rules have been read out to the workers.

You can imagine the feelings of a employee....thirty years on the job.....given free beer all his life....and probably has sipped at least twenty beers a week on average. It has to be a painful experience to sit there and imagine how you will ever accept such a change.

The odds of Carlsberg beer having to pack up the plant and make it somewhere else because of hostility? I'd say it's better than fifty percent.

So one of the greatest jobs in the world.....disappeared this week.....and a teardrop fell from a guy or two in Denmark.

The Smoker

I've been watching this story unfold over the Qatar diplomat who lit a cigarette onboard a plane and when they knocked at the toilet door, he joked that he was just lighting up his shoe. Naturally, the airline folks and security TSA folks.....didn't take any of this as a joke.

He's being asked to leave the end of today.

I sat and paused over this story....and looked at the picture shown here of the guy.....and frankly, I don't think he was smoking a cigarette. Oh, he was smoking something.....but I have serious doubt about it being tobacco.

The behavior he displayed after they knocked at the's like a guy who's on a high. It was a typical joke that mary-j-u-wanna dude would make.

I'm guessing as he gets back to Qatar.....he'll make the talkshow circuit and make several jokes about lighting up his shoe.....and everyone there will have a big laugh about this.

What would a smoker say? Well....if they didn't have all these stupid anti-smoking rules.....he would have smoked at his seat and everything would have been cool.

Just my two cents on what happened.