Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Nuke Neighbor

For the last day or two...this nuclear summit of sorts has been underway here in DC. The media has chatted up a storm over the summit and its anticipated results. After a while...you start to stand back and visualize this "game" in the real world.

Imagine yourself in the rural sections of Bama...owning a house...and wanting to protect that house. So over the years...you acquired sixteen guns and placed them at strategic corners of the house. You put up a sign early on....along the highway...advising that you would have the right to shoot anyone who came on the property and threatened you. Generally, in the early years....other neighbors had the same situation...the same sign...and the same attitude.

Neighbors have come and gone....with some passing on. Some new neighbors have an enlightened morality, and a different prospective on life. Most of the "shoot on property" signs in the region have been removed.

Neighbors worry about even the mention of weapons. Some claim that it's anti-social, anti-human, and simply wrong.

So you come one day....to make the neighbors all happy. You remove the signs and claim a new status in life. The "shoot-on-sight" mentality is gone. You even agree to sell eight of your sixteen guns. The neighbors tell you that this is the greatest moment of the neighborhood....and that things are much safer now. They can feel good about you as a neighbor.

You smile. You grin. You shake their hand and tell them that things are really different now.

But Uncle Karl from down the road looks at the situation and you...and shakes his head. You have eight weapons remaining...of which five are semi-automatic with a thirty-round magazine. The eight weapons are still at strategic locations around the house. The signs removed? He knows that you will still shoot anyone that trespasses and threatens your home or safety.

In actuality, Uncle Karl knows that nothing much changed except a bunch of dimwits saw you take down your sign and sell half your guns.

Our naive nature, and incompetent news experts help to facilitate a charming situation. Whatever occurs with the Russians this week over Nukes...and the Nuke Summit....is mostly a feel-good situation that helps us sleep better tonight.

The Mighty Micky

So it came to pass...the 15-year old family cat finally had to be put to sleep. The Mighty Micky's health had deteriorated over the past six months and he had gone blind in the past ten days.

Pets come and go....their lives are a quarter of yours...at best. If you have some luck....they might have a dozen tricks that they show you...and only you, when the time is right.

This Persian had perfected the belly rub begging posture. He knew how to force you into hand feeding him...snack by snack. And he could sense immediately when any door was open to allow him access to the outside.

This was the cat that begged to lay in bright sunlight for hours...and got sunburned.

This was the cat that could sense when you freshly washed a bathroom rug and would throw-up a hairball on it.

Somewhere out there....at the gates of heaven....you can sense that some angel is already being manipulated by the Mighty Micky. His innocent looks will deceive him....the cat has domination in his mind, and will work day and night to gain absolute control.