Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Sachs Man


Somewhere in the buildup of the last Presidential election.....Goldman Sachs (our guys who are in deep trouble this week)....found various ways to hand the Obama campaign $994k.

Some questions finally arose yesterday over this....and whether the President ought to hand the money back. I'm pretty sure he won't do it. But there is a bigger question here.

Since they've been used this week as the "bad guy"....is there some kind of deal arranged with this legislation underway....where they are "punished" terribly.....and then find this miracle way not only to recover, but to surge to new all-time profit levels within a year or two? Do they have the inside method of arranging the legislation to put them ahead of every other Wall Street organization?

Me? I'm betting on it.

At this point.....I think the Republicans are likely grining and thinking this is a pretty good deal to ask questions about. There's no answers....but it certainly makes folks look bad. And the President? Well....here he takes money from a failing bank and he has to deliver something....otherwise, there's no fairness to the system.