Friday, 23 April 2010

Your SEC

The SEC....your Securities and Exchange Commission....has a basic mission of watching over the evil folks at Wall Street.

Today, we learned that while they were busy watching the evil guys at Wall Street....they surfed and browsed alot. They also checked out "hot booty", "lusty chicks", and "crazy babes".

Yes, they were checking out pornographic sites...while using the fancy and upgraded hardware they needed to watch Wall Street.

The inspector general for the organization noted 33 times (at least that they caught) where SEC members were doing some pretty interesting analysis.

I sat there and read through the big pieces of this report. They had a top-dog attorney working at the SEC....who spent up to eight hours a day....downloading some really hot videos. The IT guys say that when he ran out of disk space...he just started burning everything to DVDs. Naturally, he kept these organized in boxes around the office (good talent he probably picked up at law school).

From the SEC least seventeen of these "players" were in the senior staff level...making at least $200k a year.

When you sit back and look at the problems that the SEC missed with Bernie Madorf and the various Wall Street start to wonder if senior leadership ever knew what was going on or if they spent most of their hours cruising the internet? And now the SEC is still regarded as the watchdog....still?

The Air Force has a simple method when they detect these events....they track it right to the PC and then to the right guy. They have the audit trail. They tend to prosecute you and if you owe money for time spent on this event...they go after that money. Your clearance? It's taken.

Nothing from this report indicates that the SEC ever did anything to punish these I'm curious what they did do.

Just Do It

It's an interesting day in New Jersey. The state governor...Chris on a shut the last two rest-stop bathrooms on non-toll save $270k a year.

He's at least honest about this: “We just don’t have the money for the bathroom facilities.”

So early next year....these bathrooms will shut down....on Interstate 80 at the Pennsylvania border and Interstate 295 at the Delaware border.

The positive side of this is that the parking areas at the rest areas will stay open for truckers to park.

Now, you might sit there and say this is a tragic circumstance....but consider American history. Up until the 1950s...there weren't ANY rest stops anywhere along the nation's highways. You either pulled off at a gas station or stopped by the road and did your business. We weren't shamed or anything....we just did our business.

I suspect the governor knows this precise truth.

So early next you folks tour through New Jersey and need to relieve yourself....feel free to do the Jersey thing and just "do it". Yes, stop by the road....and let go. Don't feel's the Jersey way and we ought to all return to our roots.

And as you relieve yourself...think of the millions you could save across America if we just ended this roadside bathroom business. We could save enough to actually pay for healthcare....maybe.