Friday, 7 May 2010

The Reform Anchor

The US flag. The Mexican flag. Kids suspended from high school for wearing an American flag on Cinco de Mayo Day. The last five days have been interesting. The list goes on and on.

So, some observations. Any school administrator that feels display of the American flag is offensive....then just say the parents, the local newspaper, and the community. Thats all you have to do. I'm guessing that we won't be able to find a single one willing to stand up and say it's offensive.

Kid's suspended out of school for the American flag? Well....I'd like to hear the county attorney who represents the school system....cite the county or state law involved. I'm guessing there is no state or county law....and certainly no school rule as such.

Mexican kids flying their flag? Well...if you really feel that proud gut feeling....then I think you pretty much need to get into dad's car and let him drive you across the border to live with relatives there. The Mexican Army will take you in at 18.....and you can help to run your Uncle's gas station later in life.

Cinco de Mayo Day? Well....the last time I looked.....the majority of states in Mexico don't observe the day. El Salvador doesn't observe it. Honduras doesn't observe it. Guatemala doesn't observe it. Belize doesn't observe it. Oh, Malta does observe it but it's traditionally a day when the locals drink Mexican beer....and sing happy songs.

The impact of this immigration reform episode? The administration has tied itself to the Latinos and voiced the idea that all immigrants are affected by this massive movement. This week....after watching MSNBC and CNN....I ended up watching Latinos, some blacks, and a handful of Democrats chat over this. Never once did they bring in an Italian, a Russian, a Chinese guy, or even a Aussie to offer enthusiasm for the reform effort. They can't find these folks to talk about support.

So it kinda bothers me. Something is out of place....when the media's best sinking like an anchor.


There are a number of little things you might have observed yesterday.

First, from this voting episode in Britain.....if you look beyond the results....people are furious. Throughout the country, the operations of the voting stations was chaotic. They weren't prepared. Some weren't able to handle the crowds that showed up. Some ran out of voting documents. Some were closing down when there were still 200 people in line. The Prime Minister promises an investigation but it's likely that folks will harbor a grudge over this for years. So for you folks in've got a buddy now.

Some California kids were sent home from school because they wore T-shirts with the American flag on them....on Cinco de Mayo day. They refused to remove the the school management quickly made a decision that this just wouldn't work on this holy Mexican day....of which only a small number of Mexican states actually celebrate this regional holiday (if you didn't know). Oh, and no one in El Salvador or Honduras celebrates it....period. As for the school management? I'm guessing their attorney scratching his head and trying to find where it's written into the school rules or state law. I'll give a won't be found where it's illegal to wear the American flag.

Marquette University is a private by the Catholic folks. They've been looking for a new dean for this College of Arts and Sciences. After a big review.....they happened to pick a lesbian. Folks were cool with least at the beginning.

Then yesterday, the school withdraw the offer.....which has upset alot of faculty members and students. There apparently was a very minor review of things that she'd written in her career.....and they missed a bit of writing where she attacked the Catholic church and it's "Identity". Someone went out and dragged these articles out and it soured the Catholic management real quick.

I'm guessing that the board in charge of finding candidates is being reviewed right now....and some folks who just overlooked things like this....are going to be identified. There may be a bit of hostility all around on this episode. The bottom can be gay and a dean of some school. But the minute you say it's a Catholic school and you've displayed a negativity in your writings about that type of environment....then you making yourself into a fool when accepting a job to such a school.