Friday, 14 May 2010

When Wise Men Stumble Down a Cliff

This week....a problem arose over the nation as an assistant director of a school in Illinois came to announce their planned trip to a basketball tournament in Arizona....was canceled. Obviously, you can guess the reasoning here.

I read through the commentary. The school board has been careful since this occurred and said little to nothing. You get the impression that they have a busy weekend where they want this mess tidied up quickly and the team allowed to chose their direction without the assistant director involved.

I paused over this and did a long moment of pondering.

We've come to a point where we involve politics into religion, sports, business, and the media. The game reaching a level where people's patience and understanding are being tested.

Imagine yourself standing there, and your union rep from the pipefitter's union has announced the union's judgement against Arizona. You stand and then ask what the heck does this have to do with welding or pipes? There won't be answer to your question.

Imagine yourself standing there at a local community college where a golf team was supposed to journey down to Tucson for July to participate in a college tournament, and the school administration says that this just can't happen. So you stand up and ask what this ban on Arizona has to do with golf? There's not going to be an answer to your question.

Imagine yourself sitting in a pew and the minister telling you to stand against Arizona. You stand at that moment and ask what Bible verse this wisdom came from. There's not going to be an answer to the question.

Those with an agenda....are going to face a hostile crowd in the coming weeks and months. It's stupid to be for or against Arizona in this immigration episode. It's their state and their problem to fix. Obviously, the federal government hasn't moved to fix anything....even after they passed this bill....nothing moved.

So when this individual faces you and announces a decision has been made for you.....simply stand and smile....and ask them if their remarkable intelligence or wisdom has faltered in this moment of stupidity. They'll look at you for a few moments in disbelief that you challenged them. And then ask them if they've got any problems with states who've bankrupted themselves? The conversation will end at that point.

We've become this mighty blue state versus red state argument. Nothing is gained from this. And the sad thing is that once this trend starts.....we could find alot of reasons to fault Florida, Texas, California, Michigan and even Kansas. Will there be a weekly crucifixion to punish them as well?

It's Right, I Think

Down in Geneva, Bama....the Census guy had this database print-out.....and there was this guy who didn't respond. So the Census guy went out to visit the house. After coming up on the porch and peering into the window a good bit....he came to realize that this guy was dead. So he calls the police.

The cops come and come to the same belief. No one....even relatives or neighbors....had said anything, and you got the impression that this guy might have been dead for a month or two.

I sat and pondered over this a while....and it was curious to me but the news folks never asked this question. Did the Census guy count the dead guy or not?

You know....dead folks have the right to vote in America, and dead folks have the right to run for office. Both rights have been proven over the past it's best not to argue. So I sat and wondered....can we count the dead guy in the Census?

For Bama, this is a serious topic. We need just about everybody possible (well...except illegal folks) to be counted. And it's fine with most of us to count cases like this...where we just aren't sure if he was dead a month ago or an hour ago. So I'm pushing for this Geneva guy to be counted. Maybe he actually got the Census form and it frustrated him so much....that he died right there on the spot. You just can't be sure of anything.

Just my Bama thoughts for today.

The Image Game

In the past couple of weeks...some journalists have gotten a bit hot under the collar over the White House and it's use of internal coverage. The suggestion is that the President is bypassing traditional media...and running their own press reporting, Presidential comment releases, and staged events.

You see...the big networks and big papers are sponsoring a number of press folks to cover the White House twenty-four hours a day. In some CNN...they probably spend over $3 million a year on salary for a couple of folks who talk on TV or run the cameras. The idea is that they provide the nation a realistic window of the President and it's direction.

Up until the 1850s...there were probably only a couple of guys who ever hung around the President to report daily happenings...then came the telegraph. By the had several major papers who kept a guy around who took quotes from the President. In the came along and folks actually recorded the President's comments for a nightly broadcast.

So the crowd is hostile.

What might they do? would be curious if a dozen news media outlets just said a week of closure would be necessary. Pack up their folks for seven days and just avoid mentioning the White House or the President for an entire week. Would we even notice? That's a remote possibility.

I'm guessing a week on CNN without mentioning the White House or the President...would be just about impossible.

But you know...I'd actually pay $20 to see an entire week as such. And the White House might start to get worried over their image...if no one noticed them. Just a guess.