Monday, 24 May 2010

The Brits

I sat for a while this morning....trying to figure out this British story over Princess Fergie who was caught on camera offering some dude a chance to meet her former ex-husband...Prince Andrew. There was a fee attached to this deal for her....under the table of course. The British newspapers got all upset about this.

I sat and paused over this.

I'm kinda amazed that some idiot would be willing to pay $500k to get a front row seat with Prince Andrew. What exactly can be accomplished via Fergie? She can arrange a tea party for you shake hands with the guy? She can arrange a whiskey meeting with five royal folks where they sit around and mostly discuss a safari they attended in March. She might be able to arrange a dinner party where some 2nd rate roast beef will be served and the guy with money can talk to Andrew and convince him to buy millions in Brazilian sugar futures.

The effect on the citizen? Zero.

Yep, she sat there and convinced some dopey guy to cough up introduce them to Prince Andrew....and it has no effect on anyone other than Andrew having to shake their hand and listen to thirty minutes of sales talk.

And they get excited over this? These Brits need to visit Memphis on a Friday night with a dozen state representatives drinking and gambling....and lobbyists paying $10k for a chance to pay in the poker game to lose....just to be buddy-buddy with Representative Snuffy.