Friday, 28 May 2010

Bill and Joe's Brother

What? It took three weeks for someone to say that it was Bill Clinton talking to Joe Sestak's brother....not Rahm to Joe himself?

Yeah....sounds good.

What does Joe need? He needs a massive infusion of $20 million to help fix his election whatever the White House suggested and put money on the table for.....he's ready to agree.

What'd Bill need? Hillary's campaign debt wiped out. Couple of big-name donors can fix that in ten days.....and life goes on.

Believable? No. Bill Clinton is the middle-guy for the White House for state election affairs? Since when? When did anyone start a stupid tactic of inviting old President's to get involved in such business for the White House?

Ten years ago...this would have been sixty percent believable. Today? Eighty percent of the nation (my guess) is laughing over the story and doesn't believe it.

A Change in Tactics

There was an interesting story from NY City yesterday. There are signs appearing on city buses with: "Leaving Islam?", "Fatwa on your head?", and "Is your family threatening you?".

I admit its a small effort....only thirty buses carrying the ads. But it's making people think differently.

Who paid for them? A conservative group. Their aim is to go after Muslims who are angry and upset with their faith but can't just walk out.

I thought it was an interesting tactic. Lets face it....for women born into the Islamic's virtually impossible to just walk out the door. Who will help you? So this group is going to tag along with you, if you want to leave Islam....and get you out of the situation. I'm guessing you might even leave the city and get a new fresh start in life.

An Amazing Discoverly

"I'm amazed in less than half an hour....$47 million can be discovered"

- Marion Barry of DC City Council

So, to make this council meeting in DC last night....and things had to be discussed over the budget. At some point....the $47 million to jump-start the H-Street trolley car mess had been carved off.

This is the five-star loser plan where trolley cars return to DC streets. The problem is that electrical lines are forbidden by law on the streets (it's actually almost a hundred-year old law). So they are still trying to imagine some method to power these trolley cars.

Added onto has almost no connection to the current Metro system. So far....the idea is that you'd have to pay an entirely different way if you crossed the line from Metro to this DC trolley car. So the whole thing is a loser in the end....waiting for some emergency where congress dumps around a hundred million or make this work.

The thing that amazed me....even after all the crack and cocaine.....former mayor Marion Barry actually made a brilliant comment. And you have to truly wonder....if these guys had this all planned from the start of the meeting....and this was merely a show for the audience.

The Flag & Joe Sistak

History was made yesterday.

After a long pause in Presidential news conferences....they had one (that wasn't the history part).

As most go, this was mostly a 2-star type thing and little was said to matter or change life in America. In fact, little was said that reporters could quote later for some purpose (that wasn't the history part either).

If you gaze long enough at the will realize one item missing from Bush I & II, Carter, Clinton, Ford, Reagan, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy and Eisenhower press conferences.

No American flag in the background. Yep, it was the first one ever.

Some folks noticed this as the cameras were rolling. They thought that maybe it just a couple of feet to the left or right....but here is a wide-angle shot.....and there is no American flag up there.

Does it matter? I'd say no....but you have to come to laugh that someone felt that this was a symbology, and they just didn't want it attached to the President.

As for the press conference? Well....when the Joe Sestak "job offer" came up....the President really couldn't answer the question "yet". I do was a dopey way of answering the question and leads you to believe that they are trying to find the right guy to blame and fire. The only problem is that there is a second admission in Colorado of another guy being offered a job with the administration as well.

What is Joe Sestak up to? When they came to Joe....they showed disrespect by just saying he wasn't the 'right guy' for the job....and to just stand aside. This is disrespect by the White House, and stupidity by the Administration in getting involved in state political runs. I would imagine that Joe Sestak got angry and upset. The administration probably rigged party officials in Pennsylvania to stand against him. So Joe is a bit hostile.

I believe Joe is smiling at the cameras and paying the administration back. He knows he'll lose in the November race....but someone in the White House is going to have to pay Joe in some fashion....before this turns into a court case. It's beyond just a's real cash that I think Joe wants.


My dad...into his still this guy with 120-odd life-skills.

If they had dropped him into Italy in 1944...he would have convinced Italy to give up pizza and adapt to homemade sausage and biscuits.

He's the guy that probably go by himself and take just three border collies to herd up 2,000 head of cattle from Huntsville to Mobile.

He buys old farm hay terrible rusted out shape. He'll use the steel-wool brush to take off the rust and then spend hours painting it back into a semi-original color. He'll toss on new tires and suddenly this hay hauler from 1971 is looking almost original, and ready to sell. Folks will drive five hundred miles to pick up farm implements like this.

My brother noted last night's episode to me today. My dad got a call from a local farmer who had a cow about to give birth...and it just wasn't going to work well for the cow. Vet's tend to have a quick hand of just saying it's a mess and offer to put the cow to sleep or charge you $200 to come out to your place like this.

My his seventies...probably would like to turn down things like this...but rarely ever does. So he agreed and went off into the darkness to this farm and to help attend to this cow.

My brother wrote a five-star piece on the description of the situation. It's not the kind of atmosphere that folks would want to be or night. There's a judgement folks who haven't attended veterinary school or attended a college lecture on cows. And then work commences.

Pop tried a little to beg out, but then got all his tools and went over. Charlois cow, with a calf turned around in her. They had her in a head catch (mistake) and it was a bad job, but they got the calf out. Seemed dead, and the screwed around with it a lot, putting the fescue straw in its nose, rubbing the body, and he spat out mucus and was coming to. Then, they got Pop's light (homemade headlight in a little box made out of wall paneling, with a cord to clip to the truck battery), and put it back on the cow, and she'd prolapsed. Awful task to get into there. So, they set in on that and the head-catched position was the worst for her to be in, with her down on her chest...too big to move, also. Using a board to hold positions at rest points, they went and went at it, and finally got all back in. Then Gary's daddy-in-law didn't have the hog rings and pliers where he could find them. So, Pop drove home, drove back, and they held the board in his absence, and then they hog ringed her up just in time for her to die. Probably was asphyxiated by being down in the head catch, Pop thought. He'd made that mistake before. But, then, too, if I had a dollar for every time we got a prolapsed put in just in time to hear the breathing stop, I'd have a handful of dollars. Fate likes a struggle. But, then, they turned around and the calf was up and running around. So, one saved.

By the end of this episode....the cow had passed on...but the calf had been saved. Judgement calls...which you tend to overlook in life.

My dad drove home in the darkness with blood all over his clothing. If the cops had stopped him...they probably would have never believed his story. He got into the house late....almost 11:30...showered up...and went to sleep. I'm guessing by 5AM....he was up and sipping coffee.

It's a lifestyle thing. Compensation? No....he pretty much does this for absolutely nothing...other than helping a neighbor. It's this attitude that you rarely find anymore. When folks ask for an impossible bit of help....he just won't refuse them.

At some point, these guys walking around with 120-odd life-style abilities are going to pass, and the best we can muster after that will be guys with 80-odd life-style abilities. A generation is passing and we end up losing something of greatness that we all grew up with.