Wednesday, 2 June 2010

An Average Day

Some footnotes today....the Dutch kid who was supposedly the killer of the Bama gal (Natalie Holloway)...but never could be convicted (lack of evidence) in trouble in Peru. It seems that a young Peruvian gal is dead in this Dutch guy's room. A witness saw the Dutch guy and the Peruvian gal this won't be difficult on the conviction this time.

The interesting thing was that he left the hotel four hours later, jumped a flight to Chile...and apparently doesn't want to come back.

My impression is that if you ever murder someone and get off the need to move somewhere and lead a pretty straight and normal life. You won't get second chances. In this case...I think he's burned every bridge and will find Peruvian jails quiet different from Dutch jails.

The next story? Up in Delaware...over the the local beach...the cops got called. The Rehoboth Beach lifeguards felt that they had an issue. They had some women who were walking around with no bikini top. That's something you can't do in Delaware (they are safe folks like us in Bama).

So the cops arrive, and together with the lifeguard...they approach this group of "women". turns out that they were all she-males (women who've been fixed like women).

So there's this discussion. The she-males say they can't be forced to wear a top and that it's illegal discriminate against them. So then the cops step in...Delaware cops. They have a polite but direct chat. The cops were kinda insistent that the group was not in complance with laws.

The she-males apparently showed their manly organ to sit their record straight. I'm guessing the cops finally said something about this being a family beach, and you really look like real women (maybe sweet-talking them a little), and finally the she-males put their tops back on.

Things settled down. I'm guessing that these were civilized and understanding she-males....and the cops were awful friendly. Thankfully, we don't have things like this down in Orange Beach, Bama.

Finally, the approval rating of the President hit 46 percent today. I personally don't think its a big deal...Bush was getting by with 32 percent for a fair amount of time, and a guy can run the country under that circumstance easily.

My observation that Democratic congressmen in various states have to be wondering how they got into this election mess. If they had simply done two or three improvements in health care...and not a monster program...things would be different today. If they had skipped immigration reform and settled in on jobs back in October of last year....folks would feel differently today.

So there are lessons learned...but it's likely too late to matter.