Friday, 18 June 2010

Our Little Refuge

There's this US government-controlled area...the 3,500 acre Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge down in Arizona along the border. It's supposed to be open for folks to see nature in its desert setting. Right now....and for several years in fact....there's been this funny signs up.

Basically....the US government has said that travel is not recommended into this area....because of Mexican drug traffickers in the region. They cross the border....use this wildlife refuge.....and it's fairly unsafe.

Even the local county sheriff won't send folks out there unless it's a big group of guys.

The federal reaction? Nothing....just signs.

It's barely mentioned on any of the major news outlets over the past month. Fox News has mentioned it several times....and its starting to be discussed in various forums. Folks in Arizona are quiet familiar with the issue....and want the Feds to do "something". The odds here? Don't count on the federal government doing much of anything.

I pondered over this for a while....and wondered if this is a refuge and people are unsafe....then animals are unsafe as well. The Sierra Club or the environmental guys ought to be saying something. But there's zero mentioned under their titles as you look for a comment.

So, it's time to render this a non-federal property area....and bring in bulldozers. If its not safe for man or beast.....then it's time to make it very unsafe for the Mexican guys crossing through with drugs. I would suggest handing the property back over to Arizona and decertify it a any type of refuge area. If the Sierra Club is upset....let them explain how we can protect the animals. I don't think they will attempt to do it.

Our Dale

Dale ain't done. He's just getting warmed up.

The Hat Episode

A kid up in Rhode Island worked on a hat project and wanted to wear it to school. The school said no problem with the hat or the flag on it....but the plastic soldiers on the hat....wasn't acceptable because of the school's 'zero-tolerance' policy.

I kinda scratched my head over this. The school apparently has a problem with weapon concepts and this second grader wasn't going to get around this.

Since the announcement....the school has kinda kept quiet. I think the county board is a bit disturbed by this understanding of the rule. These are plastic soldiers that almost every eight-year old kid has.

I'm guessing that some guy in China has a dozen phone-calls already....can he make a duplicate of the hat for a certain price....and ship 50,000 to the states within two weeks? This Chinese guy is scratching his head because nothing about this makes any marketing sense but he's always out to make a buck.

As for the kid? Well....I think if he'd just put three inch tall plastic women with big boobs onto the hat....that would have been fine and accepted at the school. Plastic soldiers are evil....big-boobed plastic women are acceptable (my take).

Makes you wonder what will be acceptable in 2020, or a threat?