Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Kind of Gal

Occasionally, I'll find a pretty wild story...which will barely make it into the real news stuff.

Today....there is this 31-year old gal from Utah....who stole two cars and led them on a chase all while she was naked. The cops decided...after finally arresting her...that she ought to have a mental evaluation....which I might agree with.

This started in the late afternoon. Some guy pulls over....putting up business signs. This gal pulls up and gets "nudily" out of the car. I realize some of you Bama guys are a bit unnerved right now...and you can just skip this blog....but the rest of you can just settle back.

It's hard to say what the business guy was thinking at this point...probably just staring...but she walks up with no clothing and gets into his car, and drives off. There's a moment of pause here...and the business guy jumps into her abandoned car...then calls the cops via his cellphone.

At some point down the road....the gal crashes into a gate, and this is where cops finally arrive. But they've got a problem. Between blood on her from the crash, and alot of sweat...she was fairly slippery. You can imagine this scene....cops in full gear...vest on....and trying to grab onto a hot sweaty gal. Two cops couldn't even do the job.

Then she does a funny thing...she escapes....gets into the cop car and drives away.

She then crashes into another gate, and has to jump out of the car again.

Now, she's on foot....and has to jump a barbed wire fence.

Yep, you can settle back here in Bama and try to imagine a gal without much on....climbing over a barbed wire fence. There's this image...but we shouldn't think about this much.

It was at this point...the cops finally taser the gal.

There's enough charges (stolen vehicles, felony fleeing and lewdness) to keep her in jail for a year....just in case some of you guys had this romantic vision in your mind of your next wife or girlfriend.

Possible drug use? Well....yeah....I'd be betting heavily on that. But you can't find a gal in the state of Bama who'd jump a barb-wire fence with nothing on. And you have to admire a gal who would do that. Taking a taser shot is a plus-up too. It's just this car thing that would bother me....but she was all sweaty when sitting in those car seats (that ought to leave an image in your mind).

Reading Lists

If you were just starting out in college....and your professors gave you a reading list...that was mostly (at least seventy-percent) leaned against the establishment...what would you say?

There's this new study the National Association of Scholars that found this statistic was true.

At least 250 colleges were checked and the list of books compared. It wasn't a pretty sight.

College is intended to be this place where you develop a vast array of knowledge and grasp ideals that can be radically different. So in one can see a logic to making a kid read the Communist Manifesto. You'd like to challenge the kid to read the Constitution and French works on liberty....just as well.

The question is...after you read what they suggest...what discussion comes up in class? Are these classes leaning toward an anti-business attitude? This is what you just don't know.

In high school....we had a mandatory read required in history class of Uncle Tom's Cabin. If this had been for English might have made sense. For I grew older and realized the vast limitations of the book for accurate portrayal...I kinda look back at this mandatory reading as being somewhat of a joke.

It was the method that our high school teacher was going to cover the Civil War and ensure we grasped the logic for the North to fight the South....and what the war was fought over. The economic aspects of the start of the Civil War? Never mentioned. We probably spent an entire week covering the aspects of the book.

Sometimes, mandatory reading lists work....and sometimes, they backfire.