Friday, 25 June 2010

How Volcanoes Cause Generals to Fall

This is a story over at the London Telegraph.....and it involves Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano and General McChrystal.

Apparently, this reporter who did the big interview and spent time with the General's staff...was only supposed to get a normal & typical tightly-controlled interview (once in Paris and then onto Kabul for a second part to the deal). At best, two days and very controlled. the Icelandic volcano was blowing up this summer.....McChrystal and company...were stranded in Europe and had to make a bus tour to Berlin instead....and this entourage trip turned into two weeks....where everyone let their guard down.

They ate lunch together.....they sat and sipped coffee in the afternoon....and they probably had a few beers each night. So the group of the Generals.....came to trust the reporter.

Now, we come to the big question....why did the Army agree to this in the first place? Well....they came to discover that a number young recruits were reading Rolling Stone. So they felt this interview would carry positive and maybe get more recruits. So the Army sold the General's staff on this.

So you stand back and grasp this effect of one Icelandic volcano and how it brought down a General so easily. If it had delayed itself by a week.....history would be written differently...with a simply interview piece by the reporter and not much else.

Our Al

It is a story that you'd rather just avoid.

This guy registers at a hotel in Portland two years "Mr Stone". It's Al Gore, sadly.

Al apparently gets to a point where he needs a massage...and ends up doing something against the leg of the massage lady. We don't know what...but it was apparently some kind of "unwanted sexual contact".

The lady reports this to the cops....but they found insufficient evidence.

Now this whole thing comes out. Needless to say...the local newspaper in Oregon...who could have put out the story...didn't. They apparently knew but found that there wasn't enough proof in their standards to do so.

This is some comic episode now...and most folks (with recent Al Gore developments) now believe Al is some kinda hot lusty guy with a active lifestyle. Some women are probably thinking of Al right a manner that would embarrass some folks.

The odds that the massage lady story is true? My humble opinion? Less than ten percent chance. The only thing that might have gotten on the massage lady's suit...was oil from greasing down Al's body. So Al might be totally innocent.'d like to believe that.

What I do find curious...are these registered names at hotels. Typically...if I tried to register as someone other than my name...the hotel would say no and demand my real name. There must be some 'get-out-of-jail' card that you you could register as "Lucky Steel" or "Sid Stone".

Busy in School

There's a school policy up in condoms to be handed out to any kid...even in the fifth or sixth grade...if they ask for them.

The media kinda got wind of this discussion...and the hype this week is over the idea that kids could ask for these, without the parents knowing, and get them.

It's kind of a funny policy. First, this is a state-deal or local health services you are getting the cheapest condom possible. Naturally, the breakage rate is a big deal, if they really cared (but they don't).

Could a kid walk in and ask for thirty condoms a week? Yeah, a kid could do that...and the school nurse would eventually ask if he was using every single one of them, and the kid would likely smile and just say "only half the time".

I could imagine a scenario where some 15-year old kid walks in and says he's doing so much....that he's out of manliness and he needs some Viagra. They'd discuss this matter for a while and probably issue the kid a dozen each month...just to make sure that he's up to the task at hand.

Here's the sad part about this's not 1972 anymore, and you've got punks everywhere doing it. A couple of years ago, I was chatting with a junior high teacher who had kids as young as 13 who were turning up pregnant in class. After a while, you'd rather not accept this as the "norm" but then it'd just repeat itself.

So there are two sides to this story. I'm guessing that it'll continue matter what anyone says, unless the school board is voted out.