Saturday, 26 June 2010


You have to admire the North Koreans. They are a society that barely survives...and somehow gets a major headline every single week.

This week...the North Koreans finally demanded that the US pay them compensation for six long decades of hostility. The amount they figure they are owed? $75 TRILLION. Yep...that's one notch above a billion.

This goes from 1950 to today. And the clock likely keeps ticking...with trillions more to be added on as things keep spinning.

In a way, you have to admire leadership like this. They will milk the Obama administration for weeks over this matter. CNN might even pick up on the story....and have some financial wiz explain how the millions add up to billions, and how it snowballs into trillions.

You sit and ponder over this...and then you wonder....if there were some idiots in charge of the US were crazy enough to say "ok", and then write out a check for $75 trillion. The question is...what would North Korea do?

They couldn't spend the money fast enough....even if they gave every citizen a check for $300,000.....where would they spend the money? There's no Wal-Mart. There's no GM dealer. There's no Vegas. There's no bars. There's no opportunity to spend anything but a few dollars here or a few dollars there.

So this threat is really a double-edge sword. They wouldn't even be able to use the money, if the US was stupid enough to pay them the money. That's the sad part about this threat. And frankly, if you were ever looking for US politicians willing to fix up a "cash-for-clunker-North-Korea" situation....this would be the time to do it.