Saturday, 26 June 2010

Another Czar?

Amongst the thousand things that folks are hoping to get out of the Administration...there's a new twist today....Senator Dick Durbin is asking for another Czar position.

This one? A Czar to oversee government efforts to stop Asian carp in or near Lake Michigan. Folks really aren't happy with the non-American species and want to ensure something is done.

You would think that just some government agency in existence already....would be the answer. But everyone always gets hyped up on Czars for some reason.

The thing about this....sooner or later...we'll have a catfish Czar...just a humble opinion from a guy from Bama.


You have to admire the North Koreans. They are a society that barely survives...and somehow gets a major headline every single week.

This week...the North Koreans finally demanded that the US pay them compensation for six long decades of hostility. The amount they figure they are owed? $75 TRILLION. Yep...that's one notch above a billion.

This goes from 1950 to today. And the clock likely keeps ticking...with trillions more to be added on as things keep spinning.

In a way, you have to admire leadership like this. They will milk the Obama administration for weeks over this matter. CNN might even pick up on the story....and have some financial wiz explain how the millions add up to billions, and how it snowballs into trillions.

You sit and ponder over this...and then you wonder....if there were some idiots in charge of the US were crazy enough to say "ok", and then write out a check for $75 trillion. The question is...what would North Korea do?

They couldn't spend the money fast enough....even if they gave every citizen a check for $300,000.....where would they spend the money? There's no Wal-Mart. There's no GM dealer. There's no Vegas. There's no bars. There's no opportunity to spend anything but a few dollars here or a few dollars there.

So this threat is really a double-edge sword. They wouldn't even be able to use the money, if the US was stupid enough to pay them the money. That's the sad part about this threat. And frankly, if you were ever looking for US politicians willing to fix up a "cash-for-clunker-North-Korea" situation....this would be the time to do it.

Our Guy Timmy

It was a fascinating day...with Timmy Geithner coming out (he's the US Treasury Secretary) and telling the BBC that "the world cannot depend as much on the US as it did in the past".

It was a breathtaking moment....when he next spoke out and suggested that other major countries need to grow....for the world to prosper.

The impression I got....was that he wasn't really taking about Britain when he was talking about "other" countries and prosperity.

Then Timmy suggested that there really weren't any differences between the US and the EU on deficit reduction...although if this were true...then the US would be at the same recovery level as the EU, which they aren't.

I sat through most of 2009 and kept thinking that this Geithner guy would eventually fall into place and actually be one of the top five success stories of the Obama administration.

Over the past six months...I've basically come to decide that Timmy is a third-level type accountant/economist. He might be adequate for some state-level job in Missouri, or maybe working as some economic "weasel" for BP or Texaco. But he's basically out of the major league atmosphere where he ought to be.

The "world cannot depend" speech? the US economy is now fairly dead or fairly dull....and basically a economy like Paraguay? Is that the deal?

Then he suggests that other countries grow, but he doesn't give them the magic recipe? You can be better than us....but just don't listen to us because we screwed up? Is that the "hint"?

At this point....I'd like to see Timmy resign by early next year...with Rahm...and just go and write 8th-grade level economic books for college students in Harvard. Maybe that's the best we can expect out of them....because Harvard just can't continue their know. Maybe other Texas Tech, or Auburn, or the University of Oklahoma can produce the great economists of the future.

If it sounds dopey....think of Timmy...and it'll make perfect sense.