Sunday, 27 June 2010

No Fox News?

Name the American four-star general who forbid Fox News on his staff and command center floor.

General McChrystal.

Yeah, this came out Friday in a couple of small media spots. I read through this and it's rather odd.

The way that these general's command centers work.....they have cable TV piped in....and typically there's at least a dozen channels in these far-off remote locations....sometimes even thirty channels.

For most command centers....there's the Bloomberg Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and even BBC. They will have a split-screen deal up and be running TV twenty-four hours a day. Except in this Afghanistan and with General McChrystal's Fox News.

I kinda sat there and laughed over this story. One of the most liberal magazines out on the market today....destroyed the career of General McChrystal, and his biggest worry up until that day? Fox News. It kinda says alot.

Rolling Stone Observation

The subject of the magazine Rolling Stone came up this week...because of the firing of the General.

At some point...I stood back and gazed back over at Rolling Stone itself. In my entire life...I've probably bought seven issues of Rolling Stone and probably read another five issues laying around the barracks or hotels. In the past five years? I've touched one copy.

At some point in the late probably had some substance in actual rock news or discussed real celebrity trends.

My impression from that last copy read? It's a yuppie magazine...made for folks over the age of forty....and trying hard to be a lifestyle magazine for politically motivated folks or socially conscious folks of a liberal persuasion. The magic that it held in the 1960s and 1970s? Gone.

So like Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, Penthouse, Reader's Digest and another dozen magazines dying out....Rolling Stone is also dying. They might have scored one 5-star moment in 2010....but let's face it...for subscriptions...if they get another 300 subscriptions off this story...that's about the only pat on the back that they can claim. That's pitiful by most standards anyway.

It is.....without substance. If you are a trend-setter and an might get your name in the publication...but it's listed with Madonna...whose career is basically flat and finished.

I'm guessing the top manager of Rolling Stone is out at the parties this weekend...sipping expensive drinks and talking up the magazine and its effect on the military. Several dopey guys are standing around and discussing the impact on the magazine. By next week....most of the news is finished. Rolling Stone enthusiasm goes back to first gear. And everyone begins to discuss why Rolling Stone is so "doomed" again.

And the military news idiot who told the Army staff that inviting this Rolling Stone reporter in was a good idea? Well.....he's probably putting resumes out.