Wednesday, 30 June 2010

It Bothers Me

It came out today....that a VA clinic in Missouri may have exposed 1,800 former GI's to hepatitis or HIV.

The VA is mailing out the letters....asking for these folks to be tested...and will pay for the testing.

Apparently, their cleaning method for dental equipment...which was inspected in the past month....was NOT up to standards.

I have alot of issues with the VA. I's free for GI's and most guys have no choice. But almost every twelve months have an episode like this. For the 1,800's a two week period of not knowing and trying to get tested. Then the results come and you just shake like like a leaf...until you open the letter.

Then you wonder...can you trust them again...when you need more dental work? And the answer is?

I realize that ninety-five percent of VA facilities are doing a decent job. It's this small group of five percent that you worry about.

Help May Be Coming

Today...between soccer news and Lady Gaga was quietly announced that the US will accept help from 12 even international organizations in dealing with the Gulf problem (the oil mess).

Then, somewhere in this announcement came a little hint...the State Department is still working out details....and it may be days, weeks, or possibly even months...before they have these details done.

Who are the twelve countries? We don't know. They were quick to say twelve and then skip right over who they are. I'm guessing several are big-name countries, and somewhere in this group of Mexico.

Who are the international organizations? Again...they didn't want to let you in on this group's names. Maybe Greenpeace? Maybe Friends of the Earth? Maybe German Octoberfest members?

The funny thing about that it took seventy days for the White House to finally agree on this neighborly offering.

What would be impressive if France has offered help...and they deploy into Louisiana....and suddenly folks turn pro-France, and anti-Washington.

The Milwaukee Understanding

Last week....from up in Milwaukee...because there's no winter right now...folks worry about other things. So the boycott of Arizona came up at a county supervisor meeting. If we were closer to October....they'd be talking Packers...but right's Arizona.

So County Supervisor Peggy West came out and said that "...unlike Texas, Arizona is not a border state....a ways removed from the border."

If you were wondering how important Petty is....she is a Democrat and was named the 2004 Hispanic Woman of the Year by UMOS, Inc.

At some point...after the meeting...Peggy said she misspoke.

Personally....I'm thinking that dozens...if not hundreds of the locals...probably think the same thing. If you asked where any city beyond Chicago is....they'd have to look at the Atlas to say. If you discussed the idea of a summer vacation to'd be like going to Thailand or Brazil...for folks from Milwaukee.

Then you have this weird ingredient of folks who do a bit of "smoke" occasionally....and it's hard to remember important things. These guys sit around the basement, and just start pondering things...after a good long smoke...and there's this rush of madness.

This is about where Arizona starts, and where it ends (then you do another hit on the joint).

This is about where borders lie, borders unlie, or where borders are in an imaginary lie (then you do another hit on the joint).

This is about where you thought Arizona was last week, but weren’t sure this week. (then you do another hit on the joint).

This is about where Arizona’s border was during the Bush administration but changed during the Obama administration (then you do another hit on the joint).

This is about where you talk about they possibly existed (then you do another hit on the joint).

At some’ve done enough hits...order pizza....and then remember that your mom moved to Arizona and maybe you ought to visit her because you ran out of money. Then you wonder if this border thing is going to be serious trouble.