Friday, 2 July 2010

Our Little World

I came across this video today, and it was an unusual moment. The President...speaking at the G20 conference...came to say that he's got bold plans for NEXT year and they involve serious budget cuts. He's hoping that the same folks complaining now will grasp the problems and work to fix them.

I sat there for twenty seconds...wondering...why would you wait till next year? Why not start budget cuts now? We are in July...with a full Democratic group in place...and a massive need to bring federal spending under the idea is to wait twelve months? For what?

It was an odd mention of future plans. You can't start your plan up now because it doesn't work with your agenda? Then what exactly is the agenda? Note...we pretty much have been waiting for some economic shift in the country since last spring...and the best hope is to wait until spring of 2011...with a total dumping of the Democrats from the House?

Something about this doesn't make much sense.