Sunday, 4 July 2010

Only An Observation

A UN committee came out late last week, and said that the world should dump the dollar as a standard, and then create a new currency out of thin air. They suggested that the dollar is unstable, and we must fix the world situation....with this mystery currency that doesn't exist except in your imagination right now.

I sat there....pondering this and trying imagine how you'd create billions of "iggles" (my name for this new currency). Then the questions came.

Whose picture would be on the front of the iggle? Would they come in ones, fives, tens or twenties? If you wanted to get some iggles....would you just go to Wal-Mart and buy them off the shelf? Who would manage the iggle empire?

Yes, all these questions....simply lead to more questions. It sounds great dumping the dollar....but at the end of the day....would would you use to finance the iggle generation and creation? Dollars. The people running the iggle empire? What would they be paid in? Dollars. If there were iggle conventions in Paris.....would the dollar likely be used to finance the 5-star resort meeting? Yes.

So it's hard to see this new currency taking off.....and doing anything....and I'm guessing by 2013....something remarkable will occur with the dollar....and this entire discussion might be null and void.

Oh, if anyone in the White House were suggesting that this downward trend in the US economic situation is destined to last past 2012....then they might ought to be looking back at the unemployed folks in Iowa and Ohio....and just how much patience they really have. It's not 1934....and folks just might be very hostile toward a folks without a vision forward.

The 4th

For me, the 4th of July is this mystical holiday in my youth. For five or six 4th' a kid.....I spent them in a valley hideaway called Appleton, Tennessee. There's one sign up on a post along a main road....which leads to a second road....and eventually to a dirt road. That's the only way to get to Appleton.

Throughout the 1800's....Appleton existed and if you traveled from Pulaski (Tenn) to Florence (Bama), then you had to pass the town. A general store existed from the mid-1800's onto the mid-1900's....and the store still stands there today....although more of a shrine than anything else.

The 4th in Appleton means stew, baseball, and folks getting together. It's usually 90 degrees and barely a wind to be it is fairly hot. You sip through a Coke, and then probably up another one within ten minutes after you finish the first one because its so warm.

The stew? Well....there's always three types ready to go and all are 4-star in nature.

Typically, you've had your fill after two hours. My dad would typically make the rounds and require four hours to pick up on all the latest news and gossip from folks there. I kinda suspect that nothing has changed in the past one hundred years in Appleton for the 4th.

The curious thing....if you stepped off the mowed was as "snakey" as you could get but you never saw a snake.

I never stayed for evening hours or the fireworks there. Typically, things would be kinda ended by 6PM and folks left, except for the hardcore folks who just kept talking.

So on this 4th....where ever you might be.....have a great afternoon and enjoy the little things that matter.