Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I am on vacation until the 12th. Perhaps I'll have a tale or two to tell....because something always happens. And the fact I'm traveling by plane....simply doubles that chance.

States and Finance

If you have five minutes today...go to "FT" and read a fascinating article over regional financial spirals.

What they are suggesting....is that states are spiraling out of control over finance and revenue. California, New York and Illinois are all about to become the same story as Greece.

States like Texas, Mississippi, and Montana will be the "Germanys" of the US....which avoided huge cost overruns. Toss in Bama as well.

Who will rescue those in need? That will become a major question in 2011 as the trend continues.

Be Happy Its Not Your Job

It is an odd statement.

Over the weekend....Charles Bolden....the top NASA Administrator spoke and said in an interview that his biggest mission (or one of the top three things that the President told him to do)....was to improve Muslim relations in the world.

I sat there for a good three minutes....trying to contemplate how this would be in the top one hundred priorities of NASA. Finding alien life would be high. Filling in the holes for black hole explanations would be high. Developing a system to warn of impending hits by meteors would be high. I could probably think of forty of these in an hour.

Muslim relations? It'd be a long list of five hundred items before I came to that...in relationship to NASA.

So, what is NASA now? A public relations vehicle for the Islamic world? If you suggested that to any astronaut of the past forty years...they'd be laughing.

There's this great end to a Peter Sellers movie...Being There...where this guy has become President and the honest truth is that he doesn't really know much about anything but recites these cute phrases which everyone gets all charged up about. For some reason, I can see Peter Sellers standing in the White House now...and speaking to some NASA guru...and talking about our role in Islamic relations...and this poor NASA administrator is standing there...trying to imagine how this topic ever came up in the first place.

So you can imagine your evaluation form at the end of the year...and your highlight? You brought better Muslim relations to NASA? That's the end-all big quote which gets you a top-notch step up on pay? It's pretty sad, if you asked me.