Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Strange World

There's often this humorous side to things...which causes you to realize how unfair life really is.

In California....we are reaching a point where pot is just about least if you can prove you are ill in some fashion and pot would "help" you.

So the city of San Fransisco has come up to regulate something that you thought was never possible to regulate....edible marijuana brownies...which are now sold at some marijuana dispensaries.

Somewhere amongst the various regulations handed out....the wrapping for example...can't resemble candy bars...which makes some sense...but then you wonder if further regulations would add more to this.

For the guys who were in the front part of this marijuana push...they have to be wondering if further regulations are coming and just bad it'll be in five years. For the rest of us...there's no big shock. The government can regulate just about anything...from catfish to bacon fat, from toilet paper to quick-tips, and Maybe one day...we can regulate government...well...maybe.