Saturday, 10 July 2010


There are two unusual events for this vacation of mine...back in Germany.

First, I rode Air Canada for the first time ever. I was fairly shocked at how well things ran and the good service. Ample leg room could be found for my knees....which is a major priority as I grow old and do longer trips. The meal was great and I have to admit that the airline is actually a four-star organization. The problem is that you have to travel somewhere into Canada, and then out....otherwise, it's not a bad deal.

Second, I rode into Toronto as my connecting point. If you've never been to the Toronto might be in for a shock because it's as good as Atlanta or Houston. From the forty-odd airports I've been in over the past forty years.....I'd rank it near the top. The food is great and it's easy to travel from terminal to terminal.

So if you had a trip that you desired and wanted something radical.....take a look at Air Canada and maybe make a run up to the north (just don't do it in November).

The Three Methods in Helena

There's an interesting article over at Fox News today.....over Helena, Montana school standards which are about to change (if everyone agrees).

This change revolves around sex education in school.....for all age groups.

The suggested plan....starts with first graders learning that folks actually can be attracted to one another (not just boy-girl). By the end of the second are suppose to learn how to avoid mentioning gay negative comments. By the fifth are supposed to know all about the various methods of intercourse (the recommendation suggests learning that sexual intercourse include but would not be "limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.”

Being from Bama....and the way this was written....I was wondering for a while if there were methods left which I weren't familiar with or if I missed something while in school in Bama.

This discussion brings up a curious number of things to ponder. First, you imagine Coach Karl standing there in the fifth grade group with a Ken and Barbie....trying to explain the three intercourse episodes. Some kid would ask if there were anymore and Coach Karl would explain about his R&R week with the navy back in 92 in Bangkok and how things were different there. Then some kids would ask the Helena county education folks if they could get some Bangkok chat-friends to learn more about what Coach Karl was talking about.

Then you'd have first graders eventually asking if love with animals was ok, but the teacher would say "no"......then the kid would wonder why would you limit yourself to just people. Then some kid would ask if ghost sex would be ok, and there'd be a quiet moment for the teacher to figure out how to get over this topic without offending any ghosts.

At some point....Ms Jeanette would get all lusty and want Coach Karl to meet her at lunchtime in the school parking lot to get rid of some tension problems that she had from these discussions in the class.

Then, you'd have some rancher who would explain to his three kids that this was all dopey health and science stuff.....and they needed spend their time on math to get ahead in life.

I suspect that a number of meetings are going to occur over this suggested agenda.....and maybe only ten percent of this suggested discussion will survive on. The curious thing is that if you tested the teachers in Helena.....most would be shocked that there were actually three methods of intercourse, and they needed familiarization....maybe in Reno or Vegas.....with the other two methods. The union rep would agree....and all the teachers would run off to get more "training" before the new school year started.

Meanwhile, back in Bama.....the teachers there were still wondering if they should go back to Auburn or University of Alabama for more intercourse be certified for such know.

You'd think we'd have better things to occupy our short school session.....but apparently not. I'm kinda wondering if the kids in Montana might start asking some really weird questions and if they have to call in some out-of-state sex degree folks to answer things that the locals can't answer.

As for you folks back in Bama who think you might have missed something advice....get in the pick-up and drive toward Montana....because they're ready to talk sex and help educate you if you never did pick up this important stuff. And if you think you know enough to get by.....just go back to to your Penthouse pile of magazines and re-read the letters area to freshen up with your knowledge.