Friday, 16 July 2010


I realize that the stimulus package done and some fashion. be's probably only half gone at this point because it was going to take three years to pay out the deal. But it's always interesting to go back and see who got what.

So, a visit to Sparks, Nevada. Home to roughly 80,000 folks.

Public safety (aka....the cops) ended up with sixteen projects under the stimulus package. And the total of cash? Well....over $8 million for the cops of Sparks.

Kinda amazing, if you think about it. Just public safety in this town of 80,000.....collecting over $8 million.

What'd they get?

Well....they wanted an armored vehicle (called the BEAR). That was around $420k. Somehow in the math department of this....thanks to congress....there were eight jobs involved....probably at BEAR....but we aren't that sure about this.

Then they asked for six patrol vehicles.

Then they asked for some new undercover cars....six of a cost of $180k. That's roughly $30k each. Its kinda funny on this. If you live Sparks now and see two gentlemen in brand new cars with short hair cuts just's a 90 percent chance they are cops. Most cops prefer five to ten year old cars when doing an undercover situation to avoid looking out-of-place. I'm guessing the Sparks guys have some higher standards.

Then the Sparks cops asked for $356k for nifty cop batons, vests, helmets, rifles, etc.

Then the Sparks cops asked for $450k for an entire IT upgrade....computers, servers, monitors, etc. I'm guessing that they didn't have any state of the art stuff.

Then they asked for $45k for a bait tracker and some night vision goggles.

Then they asked for $475k roughly for a whole bunch of new walkie-talkies.

Then there was a $600k package for a brand-new shooting range. Course, the Sparks folks had been using the Reno range for many it was just natural to have their own range (you know).

So, if any of you were kinda wondering about your own situation in life and if your area got some swell new police cars....go over to this site.....and just browse through it.