Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Good Movie Script?

If you haven't followed the story...there's a number of Afghan mlitary guys who were brough into the US to a Air Force installation for English classes...and they were to go onto more classes within the US military. At some point...around 46 of these Afghan guys simply walked away. No one completely sure where all 46 are located.

A search has determined the location of some of these guys...but it's an amusing episode when you start to pull the curtains back from this episode.

How did the guys walk away?

Well....the Afghan boys had this fascination with BMWs. It's not the BMW that you envision....it's "big Mexican women". Yeah....they had this lusty fascination with BMWs.

So around this base where they were....they got into the social environment and then things got a bit lusty. Some of the BMWs...were legal immigrants...and some were illegal immigrants.

You see...the ladies kinda knew how to move around without documentation. They'd done it for years and the Afghan guys learned from their lady friends.

So this adventure of sorts....which starts out at Lackland AFB, Texas....has an interesting trail.

The Air Force actually put this together. The Afghan guys started to meet up at night clubs in the local area....Tiffany’s Cocktails and the Mirage....along with the Graham Central Station. Grahams...for those of you who might care....features Jello night.

You can imagine this image....a bunch of Afghan dudes....at a Jello wrestling event....picking up on big Mexican women....legal or illegal.

Out there today....are all these Afghan guys....pretending to be Mexican guys....and having hot lusty relationships with big Mexican women who are probably illegally in the US. This is almost a 5-star script for a movie....but I just don't know who'd play the Afghan 5-star guy (maybe Brad Pitt?).

A Bale of Hay Per Day

There's an interesting story over at the Local today....from German researchers.

There's been this odd thing that medical folks have noticed over the years...that kids who grew up on farms.....didn't have that many allergies or asthma....compared to the 'normal' crowd. I never really noticed this....but apparently some folks have noticed it.

Well...researchers now say that barn dust tends to protect kids from ever getting allergies and asthma.

There's this plant substance...a sugar molecule (arabinogalactan) and it plays a role in your immune system.

Apparently, the researchers ran around testing barn dust in several countries in Europe (Germany included) and found this arabinogalactan is kinda common in hay used to feed livestock.

The key to this research? You need to get heavy doses of this early in life. Course, the doctors were looking for a pill-like formula for this fix. Me? I was thinking to dump all of these round-bales and work-easy solutions and put these punk kids back into the hay fields to haul real hay and sniff the stuff up close and friendly. There's nothing better than sweat-absorbed hay on your arms and face.....then you combine that with the feel of climbing into a 80-year old barn and sniffing the dusty air there.

Heck, we might even be able to charge folks money to help improve their immune system. An afternoon in July.....94 degrees.....moving 150 bales of hay. And top it off with a catfish plate and some pecan pie that evening.

The Harvard Factor

There's an interesting article over at the New York Times. I don't usually give them much credit....but it's a pause-and-think article.

Two smart Princeton sociologists...Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Walton Radford...did this research into the folks who go to Harvard....or rather, who gets accepted into Harvard. The emphasis of the research? Black and Hispanic kids had a slightly easier time of getting accepted....Asian kids needed the higher grades typically to make it.....and rural/working-class white kids could just about forget about it.

What worked against you? Well....you could count 4-H, Future Farmer's of America, ROTC and the typical associations that you'd see in the rural aspects of America.....work against you. Yep, if you were big in 4H....you were doomed on your application for Harvard.

I sat there and read the entire article, and then pondered for a while.

Speaking frankly here....the last thing on my mind in 1977 upon graduating from high school....was attending Harvard. I can't think of a single kid where I attended school of ever thinking of such an act of stupidity. From the whole state of Bama? I'd imagine less than three kids having this on their list of aspirations.

It isn't just about going to a school with no real NCAA football team....it's about this stigma tied to you. You'd have to vow to never return to Bama because no one would ever take your degree serious. Take a look around today at business and financial analysts with the big losers at AIG and Goldman Sachs....Harvard grads. Being labeled "Harvard" didn't really help much.

In the world of reality....dreaming of Harvard....is pretty much bogus. Imagine yourself standing there....with a bunch of loser guys whose ambitions in life are mostly working for loser banks and financial organizations....or sipping brandy at some private club in Jersey where a bunch of Harvard guys stand around and admire each other's rings.

So, this accusation of Harvard slamming the rural or working-class kids? It's probably the best thing we have going in America. It's preventing kids from joining up with a bunch of idiots and getting labeled as a "loser" in life.

Just my humble two cents of observations on the topic.

Bob's World of News

It's only a short observation....but over the weekend when CBS's Bob Schieffer had a chance to ask the attorney general.....Eric Holder.....about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal....he didn't.

Bob runs “Face the Nation” and you'd tend to think of him as being a guy who is on top of news.

Today, Bob admits....that he was on vacation the week before....and "....apparently, it got very little publicity. And, you know, I just didn’t know about it.”

I read the comment and kinda laughed. Basically, Bob is admitting that he's a Time and Newsweek guy.....waiting to catch up on things a week later via their fine publications.

So the value of "Face the Nation"? Well....as long as it's old news they are covering....it's a pretty decent event. Otherwise? You might want something more of value.

The Doomsday Event

In recent days....if you read science journals, you will find the mention of methane in the Gulf...which has gone to millions of times the 'normal' amount.

Scientists are at a loss to explain this.

This occurs only after the BP event...which has people wondering about what BP might have done, or perhaps just by time itself without any aid from BP.

The thing is...around fifty-five million years ago...a catastrophic event occurred. Most of life on Earth was destroyed from the last methane 'blast'. The fact that this methane amount is increasing....leads some independent thinkers to go beyond normal thinking. Methane doesn't double or triple up easily.....and to go up by millions.....leads you to only a few scenarios.

Hints of the federal government knowing of the impending situation? Well....there are $40k fines now if anyone tries to show in the effected area. Just being the press and trying to get within a couple of miles of the site....gets the fine.

The fact that new fissures are being reported as much as 30 miles from ground zero....is another problem....from where methane is now escaping.

So amongst the thousands of things you typically worry about....here's the 500-pound guerrilla that's sitting in the room. There's no way of predicting anything. And the worst prediction? You might not need to worry about social security reform or the universal health care package or the ill health of 10,000 US banks anymore. Even the price of gas at $10 a gallon.....won't measure up to this event, if it comes.