Saturday, 24 July 2010


So imagine you are Bristol Palin's dad...and this Levi character has come back around to convince your naive daughter to go ahead and get married. Never mind the fact that you are married to Sarah...or facing cameras....or having a lot of folks to tell you what they think.

I sat briefly after watching an update yesterday...and kind of thought through this mess. I'd have to let the idiot daughter go full speed ahead...and I'd probably hand her $10k for the wedding and honeymoon, but I'd probably decline an invitation to attend...and just try to forget about this mess until she calls up in two years to admit that Levi is an idiot and she needs a place to stay.

You can generally spot a loser like Levi from 100 feet away. In this case...I can't toss the guy out on the lawn....cause the wife would look bad on TV...and I can't beat him with a baseball bat because ABC News would interview Levi immediately after the beating to find out about his feelings.

So I would end up accepting this and just wait till things shifted back around. Patience is the key.


A basic introduction to the JournoList...which you may have seen laid out this week in the press...but not alot of explanation.

This was a 'club' of sorts...which you had to be invited into...and you had to be a journalist and a liberal-thinker. was a secret club. It was run by the Washington Post journalist Ezra Klein.

It's aim? was an open forum where guys could chat and get each other pumped up on the Democratic agenda...and toss around 'attack-points' on the Republicans, Fox News, and anything that they felt the need to attack.

All had around 400 members when it was disbanded. An asset to President Obama's campaign? There's not much doubt that he couldn't have gotten the right coverage, the right attacks on McCain, or the 'message' out to the voters...without this group of merry men and women.

As it came to be disbanded...there was this mechanism left of the old forum...the e-mails and chat sessions. For some reason...protecting what they said in private...didn't seem important.

Along came Tucker Carson from Fox....who picked up the legit rights to the site and the contents of the forum. Naturally, Tucker put his band of merry men and women into analyzing what was said. Tucker has put a little bit out each day this week. Some folks think that Tucker may have an entire month of negative comments to dump. No one knows for sure.

There are some observations that I can suggest from reading the comments this week.

First, since the 1970s, adult leadership and management of news groups have disappeared. You've got a bunch of journalists running around with immature behavior, and it's being tolerated by the big houses of the media....along with the sponsors of negative journalism. Everyone wants to be a political agent...not an actual journalist.

Second....from the vast list of names mentioned in the group of 400 folks of this private chat come to look at their status in life and how they relate to wannabe NBA stars. The problem is that most of our NBA stars of today don't hold a light to players of 1968. They sing praise about themselves...but they don't match up. The Journanolism group are the same way...they don't match up. get the impression that none of these Journanolists have a single identification with the heartland. Charles Kuralt always impressed me by going and recharging his himself to real people. If these characters would go out and spend six weeks in Mobile or Tulsa or eastern Oregon...they'd discover that a significant number of folks don't read their stuff.

Fourth....there are probably 5,000 pretender journalists out there. Once they carve each other up enough....then what? Time is dead. Newsweek? Dying. CNN? They've been spiraling for a year now. MSNBC? Surviving off fumes. We're up to around fifteen years of this attitude...what happens in the next ten years? Unless the US government comes up to prop up all these agents of political influence (pretender journalists)'ll be hard to see survival.

So it's a mess. Here's the funny thing...I don't think any journalist today or any news media around...really wants to fix anything.

So I have this funny idea of a solution.

Congress and the Senate agree to a meeting schedule. They meet for 75 days early in the January. Starting 1 May...all of them are dismissed and sent to their home state. They can't stay in DC or travel around the world...they have to remain in their states for the entire month. They actually have to meet real people from their district or state. If they leave their home state in this period...unless a personal emergency or funeral or for healthcare...they lose their voting privilege for one month (real simple process).

As 1 June comes...they meet for the entire month, and then leave by the 4th of July weekend for four weeks of summer. Starting in early August...they get sixty days of time to meet...and then dismiss for the rest of the year.

Yes, I'm cutting out a vast amount of meeting time for Senators and Representatives...which forces CNN, ABC, Fox, and Time to all concentrate on other boring stories.

The fuel to this fire is finished...and MSNBC will be sitting there in May...trying to tell a segment story on forest fires...rather than some idiot Democrat or Republican. The ABC team will be stuck interviewing real folks night after night...and not Congressmen or Senators.

This is the only way to fix this. It takes out the fancy analysts, the "experts", and limits folks from attempting to write 2,700 pages of text which no one would ever read anyway.

Just an humble opinion.