Friday, 20 August 2010

Stories Without Sense

I noted four stories today that really lacked any sense.

First, there's the escaped Arizona convict (there were three that escaped, and as of today...all are now caught). This third guy was on the run for two weeks roughly. What you came to learn....was that his 'help' in this episode....was a first cousin. In fact....she also had this romantic thing for him and they were pretty "close" (in Bama language....closer than close). The news media hasn't spoken much about this angle to the story....but I kept pondering over this. She's now got a minimum of ten years in prison....maybe more. And this was all about love and your cousin?

Second, another poll came out today to get people chatting. Six out of ten oppose the war. Yeah, that's pretty hefty odds. A poll that helps the President?

Third. Representative Maxine Waters.....on the hot-seat for ethics issues. She came up today to say that this was a very "complicated case". The media took this and tried their best to explain the complicated nature. I pondered over this for thirty seconds. You go and run for seat in the House of Representatives. You win. You own lots of stock in one certain company. That company has various issues in their survival. They call you up. At that point....the last thing on Earth (ethically) that you can do, is personally get involved and introduce the losers to government folks who might be able to help. If you didn't own their'd be ok. Otherwise, it's not. And yes, that's the "complicated nature" and Maxine and the media want you to know about.

Fourth. Cops came to Quincy, VA. They ended up arresting Dad, Mom, son #1, son #2 and the daughter. All for meth possession. The kids were all over eighteen years old. The daughter apparently had a kid...which the county took possession of. Yeah, that's probably a record. The reporter didn't hint this....but I was pondering the likelihood of all five getting a minimum of twelve months in the same jail (the daughter probably gets the least out of all five).

The Science Stuff

I caught this story off Fox News this morning and read up on it. Basically...a couple of smart science guys have found that regular old urine...could be converted in power. Before I got too far into this topic....I stopped and pondered how exactly they got this idea and if they were a bit drunk when they were discussing this at some college football party.

Basically....they have a prototype fuel cell to test urine power. It'd take both human and animal urine....and convert into electricity.

The boys kinda admit this is years away from anything "big". They are mostly working on grants to allow more research and to find the right formula for urine power.

I'm of the belief that when it finally goes'd go out to Home Depot and buy this $1,200 trough, fuel cell and black box. You'd assemble in the garage because your wife wouldn't trust the thing being in the house. You'd run electrical cabling to the fridge and your "test subjects" in this case.

Then you'd ask all the members of your family and a couple of neighbors to come over and pee in the garage. Beer would likely have to be offered at some point. Folks would do their best, and then the fuel cell would go into operation. It'd probably take twenty-four hours but it'd eventually pump up enough power to run the fridge and freezer.

You'd be all happy and then rush out each morning to the garage to pee some more. Eventually, you'd admit that there was a funny smell to the garage and your wife would suggest that it be removed.

Poll Jerky

For the past day or two...this "is the President a Muslim" episode has been going on. In a way, it's amusing and a reminder to us why polls are worthless. Around twenty percent of Americans think the President is Muslim. If you had asked how many believe in'd be at least twenty-five percent. If you asked how many believed that UFO's are'd be at least thirty percent.

Then, you've got the other crowd who simply say that this is embarrassing and totally false. This is the media crowd who now has to go out and defend the president. This is viewed by some as a comical defending the NCAA college bowl process or defending the right of fourteen year old girls to marry guys in Mississippi.

The timing of this comes as such that it'll have to be discussed over these various Sunday talk shows....with folks rushing to find vast evidence of the President being a Christian and then reciting this evidence on national TV. Countering it will be some guy with a picture of the President bowing in some mini-effect to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Some folks will point out that the President has been to Pakistan in his youth, and met up with various Islamic religious figures during this visit. Some folks will point out his membership in a Christian church in Chicago for a number of years.

Some folks will even wake up to ask why the media portrayed the President as the guy who could talk to Muslims and bring down the anti-American hatred and stop the vast amount of Islamic terror occurring. Naturally, you'd bring up now....that the terror hasn't subsided much at all....and most Muslims don't appear to have much respect for the President as we edge toward the end of the second year of the administration.

I will offer up this observation. Around thirty years ago....the only folks who could whip up a subject like this with no real evidence....was your local barber or your bartender. You didn't have talk-radio or the internet. Your barber would suggest that LBJ was a leftist and you'd sit and pause over this idea for twenty minutes...eventually leave....and maybe three out of ten guys would think about this for a week or two. There was no national method to dump ideas like this onto.

We've come a long way. By next year....we might just have polls which can prove that folks who think the President is Islamic...also think aliens are real....and that the state New Mexico is also part of the country Mexico. Then we'd know that we've got big issues.