Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Man's Honor

P. J. O'Rourke came out this week....after making a dash into Afghanistan with some comments and remarks. I appreciate his views. He's not a reporter. He's not an expert in anything. P. J. mostly just makes observations of what he sees along the way.

So he decided to get some preparation before this Afghanistan trip. He stopped off at a Afghan restaurant in Prag, make this possible. He approached the guy who ran the place and he had this five-star question to lead off: “So what’s up with Afghanistan?”

The answer from the owner was refreshing: “Americans must understand that Afghanistan is a country of honor. The honor of an Afghan is in his gun, his land, and his women. You take a man’s honor if you take his gun, his land or his women.”

I paused over this comment for about three minutes. Then I came to view most Afghans as being like guys from Bama. They might be 100 years behind the times....but this honor thing probably holds true in Bama as well. I'd probably be willing to nominate P. J. for the Nobel Prize in Journalism....but he isn't a left-wing elitist dimwit, and he'd probably turn it down for a weekend in New Orleans anyway.

A Evangelicals Moment

There were headlines yesterday...."Evangelicals Question Beck's Christianity".

Over the past week, with this big Beck-event planned for DC today...the media has moved to create story after story. To sell the news, they've had to go around dig deep, so they found some Evangelicals. If they could have found cannibals, leftist gourmet cooks, Latinos who look like Popeye, or even some sober sailors....they probably would have used them instead.

To be a good have to ask pointed questions so the interviewee is answering everything to fit your half-written article already. So you lead off with pointed questions, that get more pointed along the way.

The true compass-point of news today is that it's all about packing a story up into an item folks will read, and then you toss the title of the article up in the air with a magnetic variable. Just the title alone....has to grab the reader.....and make him run to the article.

For ninety-nine folks out of a hundred....the necessity of Beck being or not being a Christian doesn't really matter. Some folks have never watched Beck....mostly because they don't have cable. For some other folks, once you get around to the Mormon label.....they'd mostly categorize them as cult folks anyway.

So then you come to Evangelicals. If I went to 100 Bama folks.....and mentioned this....they'd mostly scratch their head because they can't think of any Evangelical churches in their local area. They ramble on about the Methodist, the Church of Christ folks, the Baptist, the Seventh-Day crowd, and maybe even the rattlesnake folks. You'd kinda remind them of this massive label which all those churches fall under. Then, they'd mostly just look at you and ask why you need to toss all these churches into one bucket? You'd pause here.....and realize that this kinda makes things more difficult to understand, and it's best to get back to NCAA football, shotguns, and Pabst Blue Ribbon as discussion topics.

I'm thinking this "Evangelicals Question Beck's Christianity" article didn't get much traction. I'm hoping this doesn't make the reporter fret or worry about his future....there's always a need for more NCAA football news, you know.