Friday, 3 September 2010

My Day at the Pentagon

One of the worst experiences for a farmer occurs in July and August when you've cut hay, spent the day in 95 degree heat moving the bales and then stacking them in a tin-roof barn, and then have some local guy show up and tell you that you stacked the 150-odd bales in the wrong fashion in the barn. Typically, you grit your teeth and stand through this commentary. It's "expert" who wants to be part of your afternoon experience after you've finished.

Yesterday in the Pentagon....I had one of those experiences.

Since January, I've been involved in a construction project over a room that required a huge amount of man-hours, paperwork, with second and third visits by the construction guys because things had to be absolutely by the book. We are at the absolute end of this project now.

To be honest, I've never done an intense project like this. I've had to rely upon our organizational security folks to help but they would readily admit that they were 70-percent solution. They did their best, and we are at the very last step or two...with ninety-eight percent of the job done.

So this phone call comes yesterday from our headquarters....barely two miles from the Pentagon. Our security folks get it. It's this guy from the headquarters. He wants us to know that he's an expert and authority on all this stuff. We were standing there and wondering....where the hell was this guy for the entire project?

There were a dozen times that we would have enjoyed his experience and knowledge. Now? He wants to involve himself and actually inspect the site, and then be part of the accreditation of the site. So there is a bit of gritting of the teeth, and higher blood pressure involved.

I'm also wondering what other experts sit over at my headquarters building....barely two miles from the Pentagon.