Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Bush Plan-B?

The President is off this weekend...reviewing "plan-B". Apparently, there were enough angry members of the House and Senate to finally suggest that November is going to screw up their chances of winning, and someone finally figured out the trend for 2011 being absolutely miserable if Republicans won both the House and Senate control.

"Plan-B" has to do with an immediate view that something is going to happen and help the job and economy situation. Naturally, major funding has to be involved, and this dramatic shift from Obama-finance views to Bush-finance views. You can imagine the comical jokes being uttered by the insiders that they have to pretend to be get something out of November now.

More stimulus? Yeah. Economic pressure on companies to finally realize that some improvement has occurred and jobs start to occur? Yeah. An encouragement situation to banks to loan money? Yeah. A continued housing mess? Yeah. A serious problem with the stimulus from last year being worthless? Yeah. The good with the doubt.

Enough to change perceptions by November?'s too late. Whatever they accomplish over the next sixty days....won't ramp up the job market until January. By that point, the Republicans are sitting in the House and move onto drastic cuts of government operations....which will tear into the guts of the Obama team and make things fairly miserable. Add in the investigations over misconduct over the past two years.....and it's really a miserable 2011 period.

So enjoy the speech this week, and the big push by Democrats to act Bush-like over the next two months.....just to save some votes. And the plan-B? Well....I'm thinking everyone will call it a Bush-plan, and the media will get hyper over the success of things that lean back to old Bush policies.