Friday, 10 September 2010

An Eighteen Year Flu?

So almost eighteen years have passed, and yesterday...some federal judge finally said that she felt that DOD's "don't ask, don't tell" policy was openly unconstitutional.

There's this talk of the policy violating the First and Fifth Amendment rights of gays and lesbians.

I sat there for about sixty seconds after reading this piece in the news....and then I kept wondering back to eighteen years having passed. And now? After eighteen's unconstitutional? It took this lawyer's words and some federal judge's wisdom to determine this now? Eighteen years?

It seems to be a comical in nature. Someone could come and challenge in federal court....and eighteen years into this's deemed a violation of the Constitution?

Perhaps I'm too logical or maybe I've missed some boat over the past eighteen years. There seems to be some things missing from this recent development.

My guess is that the Supreme Court will openly invite the issue back into court, and then offer the opinion that it violates no law (5 to 4, naturally). Then the President will want to come out and accuse the Court of being wrong, just dead wrong....and then whip up his enthusiasm to just dismiss the law that day.

So in a way, I think this is orchestrated. I may be wrong...but I'm thinking the sudden reason to say after eighteen years that this violates the Constitution....has some comical anchor tied to it, and doesn't appear to be genuine.

A Funny Smell in the Room

Late yesterday, while viewing this minister in Florida who was going to burn a Quran but now says he might not....suddenly, all of these news agencies came out and said it violated their ethics to cover the actual burning of the Quran. So they wouldn't cover it, even if it happened. And they wouldn't report anything over the burning.

It was a long list of these guys....CNN, Fox, AP, etc. They suddenly all found ethics. I was kinda shocked.

Over the past decade, I've seen dozens of occasions where ethics should have been dragged out and a news group should have cleaned up its mess. But they refused. This is the first time in years where ethics was finally mentioned in refusing to cover or report a story.

Not that I care much about this Quran case.....but I would be curious what exactly the ethics book says for the AP folks and how they handle news. I'm pretty sure they violate their ethics on a weekly basis. Same for CNN. Same for Fox. Same for MSNBC. Same for the New York Times. Same for Newsweek. Same for National Enquirer.

There's an issue here, but it's way bigger than the Quran burning episode.

Oh, and as for the Quran episode which is now suspended? I think the minister got lied to by someone, and he'll come back to attempt another burn later. Eventually, as a last ditch effort....out of the shadows....will come Jimmy Carter, who will convince him to just preach from the Bible and forget about the Quran. Jimmy will get another Nobel Peace Prize in return for his five minutes of talking with the minister. Just my humble prediction.