Tuesday, 14 September 2010

From My Neck of the Woods

We had two unusual reports come out today.

First, here in the local area....in some suburb....there was this guy who felt there was too much speeding on his street. So he went the various avenues and the government sources....to finally arrange for a speed bump to be placed in front of his house.

Another neighbor apparently took this as an attack on himself and his passion for speed. He came gunning for this speed bump guy. The speed bump guy was shot dead in his home. Cops have taken the shooter into custody and there isn't much that the cops will say over this.

I was thinking a blood test would be conducted and some drugs revealed but I don't think the cops want to even discuss this option. It's got to be a open and shoot case as far as the cops are concerned.

The speed bump? That's what I'm wondering about. Will it stay or go?

Then this other strange topic comes up. The big guys who run DC, Maryland, and Virginia road construction have found there's a limit to what the Feds will give them. Frankly, they've got projects lined up and not enough cash between the three to cover the DC beltway. So they'd like to start this nifty toll system. Once you start to enter the DC-Maryland-Virgina beltway....you'd pay a buck and enter. To get out each night....same deal. So you'd spend another $40 minimum on this road access deal each month.

It's in a far off discussion state right now. It'd be at least a year before they'd reach a point of getting serious and perhaps three years before it'd actually happen.

The $1 deal....by the time this reaches full throttle, will likely be $1.50, by my humble guess. The structure to scan a barcode on your car and make all of this toll business work? It'll run into the two hundred million as a minimum.

The other side of this coin is that the METRO train system is losing customers so this might actually attract more folks and keep cars out of the DC area. This is a remote possibility but when you add up $50 a month for this, on top of the parking fees that you might already be paying...it's a bit humorous.