Thursday, 16 September 2010

"Enough is Enough"

"The most important thing we have to do right now is hold the line for the tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires who, frankly, do not need the extra cash."

Words by Jared Bernstein, chief economic adviser to VP Biden.

I paused over them today. It is unsettling. Someone has made the decision over this fine line where enough is enough. They've established this position that we can hold down the fort by limiting what people make or what they profit from.

I tried to ponder over this. There's no Bible verse that fits for this except "waste-not, want-not". There's no Constitutional position that covers this. There's no bit of wisdom by Mr Warren Buffet from out in Omaha over this concept.

How would a guy come to think this? I've noted several comments from the White House over the past year where several folks have hinted "enough is enough". They grin or smile when they say you sit there wondering if they even know what the phrase means. Most of these White House experts on finance come out of Harvard or it makes you suspect that they all attended some class with a dopey drugged up professor back in the 1970s and just wrote that phrase down for a test later.

If you went to a breakfast cafe and asked ten regular folks about when "enough is enough"....they'd sit there a while whilst their pancakes turned a bit chilled, and then finally state they don't know much about this because they've never gotten to the "enough is enough" position.

If you stopped at the local VFW hall and asked some old retired GI's about this....most would say that "enough was enough" when they were in this foxhole in Nam for the fifth straight day and some other guy deserved to be sitting there, but no one else came to replace them.

If you stopped at some beauty salon and asked the kind ladies there about when "enough was enough", most would say when they had lost thirty pounds, gotten a new rich husband, and been out to Miami....and then they'd start laughing because that was some inside joke at the salon to start with.

If you stopped at some roadside watermelon stand and asked some kid running the place over when "enough was enough"....he'd likely answer when all the watermelons at the stand were sold. But then he'd hint that Uncle Lester had another truck coming up from Iuka and it'd mean another $80 for date-money if he sold that truck-load.

If you stopped some guy at church and asked him about when "enough was enough"....he'd likely say when the chariots of God arrived at the front door and unloaded forty cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon. He'd be grinning and making sure that the reverend wasn't anywhere near the conversation.

Somewhere out there....there's this unhinged professor from Harvard who likely taught this "enough is enough" class. He's probably still teaching at Harvard today, because he never got to the point where his pension was enough to make him at 75 years old....he'll just stay on until he drops dead.

"Enough is enough" works only if you are fairly dopey and not thinking much over the statement. After that, it's worthless.