Sunday, 26 September 2010


It was an odd week.  NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker and CNN President Jon Klein were fired.  Both networks have serious financial issues and a lack of viewership at certain levels.

For NBC, they were actually discussing a contract with Katie Couric....since she was going to be let go by CBS over their dismal news polls.  No one at NBC ever discussed the position or how they would use Couric, but you got the impression that she was going to pull a hefty salary.  You could hear the toilet flushing already.

Then you could toss the Jay Leno episode onto the NBC problems.  Jay hasn't exactly pulled the old ratings since coming back.

CNN?  Well....for the prime-time period, they are absolute losers compared to Fox News.  To replace Larry King, they were bringing in Piers Morgan.  It's still a question if Piers can fit into the job or bring even the dismal numbers that Larry was bringing in over the past three years.  Anderson Cooper?  He can't compete and he's part of the problem with CNN at large.

Since early 2009, in terms of news, most all of the major players have been losing viewers except Fox News. Currently, Fox News is standing there with a pretty strong lineup that no one can break through.  I suspect that even if Fox News decided to let go of one or two folks.....they'd find another four-star replacement within three weeks and go back to clobbering the competition.

Radical changes at NBC or CNN?  That's going to be the question to ask.  In two weeks, I expect both networks to announce their replacement management team.  For CNN....there's a question over what direction they go to be in the same league as Fox News.

Frankly, I doubt that either want to make a radical move of substance.  So expect more of the same into 2011 and probably 2012.