Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Upset Feelings in Virginia

A few weeks ago...the Pentagon came out late one day and announced that it had to save a bunch of money...and was cutting a command out entirely (US Joint Forces Command).

I have to kinda discuss Force Command in a way that you'd understand. It's a joint group of Army-Navy-Air Force folks...without any real firepower. They would simply get units in the US directed to them in a major conflict, and take charge.  It's a headquarters by itself.

This Force Command has one unique character...there are way more contractors than military or government civilian. And because of this was like a magnet for cost ($$$$). This is why Secretary of Defense Gates just got up one day and said "no more".

The thing about this cut...unlike any directive to ever cut before...there was no committee or internal structure to measure things. This became apparent today as congress started receiving questions from the Virgina governor and the various senators/representatives from the state.

The amusing thing to this that if you'd gone around the top forty generals throughout all the services...and asked where to cut...almost all would have pointed down to the limited value of this organization along the coast of Virgina.

The shocker is that no apparent analysis or information is forthcoming on the topic by the Pentagon. Congress is going to likely demand more than what they intend to provide.

My guess? Somewhere out in Stuttgart, Germany is this other command...AFRICOM...which is dedicated toward African operations for the US military. I'm kinda suspecting that the Pentagon will be forced into the corner and "pay-back" Virginia in some fashion...which I'm betting that AFRICOM will be told to pack up by 2013 and head toward coastal Virginia. The number of folks attached?'s likely to be just about the same number, which should fix a bunch of frustrated Virginia lawmakers.