Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Dead Shall Speak

The Social Security Administration came out this week....and it's inspector general reported that he's discovered that $18 million of the stimulus check that went out in dead folks.  Alot of dead of folks.  Near 72,000 dead folks.

Over the past decade, I've started to notice that dead folks end up with a number of benefits.  They get government money.  They still vote.  They still elect presidents.

I can remember a time when dead folks were dead extra pluses.  You got a good send-off and that was it.

I was naturally curious about this business, and wondering if the government could get their money back.  Somewhere between the dozen articles I read on the topic....I learned that the government didn't really put any 'muscle' into the stimulus check business under these circumstances.  Even if they tried to recoup the'd cost just as much....maybe even five times as recover the lousy $18 million.

There's a problem here.  Strangely don't have any Senators running around to campaign against dead folks.  I suspect the reason is they think they'd upset their dead vote it's best to just keep quiet.  Me?  I'd suggest that you get a note in the mail that the post office is holding a specially registered piece of mail.  You have to physically come down to sign for the check within four weeks, or it's sent back to the IRS folks.  Naturally, this would hinder dead folks from picking up their mail, and ensure only living folks would make the attempt.  The negative is that dead voters would slam this as an act against them....I suspect.