Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Meet the Press Puzzle

"The media is changing so rapidly that websites, like you guys do every day, do two things. Number one, it allows us to reach audiences that may not be watching Meet The Press. I’m just saying, it might be a different demographic."

-- President Obama to black journalists today

I sat and paused over this statement.  The statement was designed to say that there are differences between blacks and whites over the President's performance....and his indicator says that blacks basically don't watch Meet the Press.

I thought about this statement for a while.  To be kinda honest, I haven't watched Meet the Press more than five times over the past decade.  Most of the guys I associate with....would readily admit the same thing.

Given a choice of watching Leave It to Beaver or Meet the Press.....I'd pick the Beaver every time.  In fact, I'd watch the cartoon channel, reruns of Mission Impossible from the 1960s, and even college football involving Navy and Army....before watching Meet the Press.

How many blacks watch it nation-wide?  I'd bet on less than four thousand.  How many white guys.....probably less than sixty thousand.  Out of 300 million, it's a pretty lousy guess of mine....but it's an elite bunch of journalists and dimwits who probably waste their time watching Meet the Press.

If anything here....folks who need to understand the President's accomplishments....had best watch each week's run of Meet the grasp any real historical value.  Otherwise, stick to NFL football highlights and World War II movies when Meet the Press comes on.

The Houses You Don't Want

I saw this swell graphic today, compliments of RealtyTrac.  The nifty thing?  We had only three major states back in spring of 2009 with major real estate problems.  Today?  You've got ten states. Even Georgia made it to the list.

What makes this episode with the state attorney generals that if you were a prospective buyer, and had just bought a foreclosed house....and some guy shows up in three weeks to put legal papers on you....demanding you leave because the house was wrongfully seized by the bank and illegally would you cope with this?

I could see lawyers working sixty hours a week across the state of Florida....trying to grasp who did what and put legal requests into various courts.

Why would any idiot for the next three months even buy a foreclosed house?  It'll be like the black plague or some house where the wife shot the husband.  The houses without foreclosure?  They will be like magnets, drawing the crowd over, and perhaps increasing the price of the house by another $10k because folks refuse to touch foreclosed houses.

2011 promises to be a great year for lawyers, and a lousy year for bankers.

The Problem over Blame

For about the 99th time, I've had to sit and listen to some journalist (this time, I think it was on an MSNBC show) use the "blame Bush" logic in defending something.  I think for the first forty times (mostly all in 2009), it worked for me.  After about sixty occasions....the logic is kinda dulled up.

I sat and pondered over this.

When President Adams (Dad) took over after Washington....did folks in DC sit around and puff up Adam's period by talking over the negative dynamics of Washington's administration and the economy?

When President Jackson took over after President Adams (Junior)....did folks in DC sit around and puff up the Jackson era by talking over the negative dynamics of Adam's administration and the economy?

When President Lincoln took over after President James Buchanan.....did folks in DC sit around and puff up the Lincoln era by talking over the negative dynamics of Buchanan's administration and the economy?

When Ike arrived to take over after President Truman.....did folks in DC sit around and puff up Ike's era by talking over the negative dynamics of Truman's administration and the economy?

It would have been interesting to have CNN or MSNBC around in McKinley era....after Democrat Grover Cleveland leaves office. In those days....high tariffs were the standard....with democrats constantly against them, and Republicans for them.

I'm pondering if there is ever a limit to this "blame" game....say four years?  Or would you have to extend this out to eight years, to get the proper mileage out of a good blame?

My Comedy

For several months, I've been watching this Alaskan senator race move along.  Senator Murkowski has probably helped to write one of the best potential comedies of 2011....if some production company has a couple of million just sitting around.

Dad sends daughter off to lawyer school. Daughter finishes but has to take the bar exam five times to finally pass.

 Dad makes sure daughter gets a decent job until he can get her elected. Dad eventually appoints her to his senator job. Dad loses his governor's re-election campaign to some mayor from Wasilla and is in disbelief.

New governor barely sits for two years and is picked to run as VP for Republicans. Dad's daughter sits in disbelief but keeps her mouth shut.

 Re-election comes up for dad's daughter, and she fails in the primary against some Yankee-lawyer guy whose not even a "real Alaskan" (by Dad's definition). Then the daughter decides that she could beat the Yankee and the Democrat candidate by running as a write-in (only because the state had fancy Yankee rules forbidding a sore loser from creating a new party out of thin air).

Daughter now gives various hints that she was probably a Democrat all the time. Daughter's biggest advertisement? Daughter tries to teach everyone in the state how to spell her name so the write-in ballot works.

The only thing that I'd like to see in the end...on the day of election....some moose comes out of the woods and knocks down the daughter, then scampers back into the woods.