Saturday, 16 October 2010

The View

One of the odd episodes from this past week...was Fox New's Bill O'Reilly who visited The View.

Up until the snow period this year....I had only watched ten minutes of The View in my life.  During the days home from work because of snow....I probably watched 45 minutes over a one-week period.  Frankly, I'm amazed that anyone takes the show serious.  Most of the conversation is what you'd expected out of doped-up or drunk women.

This episode with O'Reilly?  They got around to asking Bill about the Muslim Mosque in New York City and the issues over it.  They asked Bill for his opinion.  Bill gave it.  At some point, two of the ladies jump up and claim they just can't listen to Bill no more.....and they leave.  They won't come back until Bill apologizes.

I watched the clip twice, and have to admit this.  I agree with the women.  The minute you can't agree with a man....the first thing you need to do is jump up and leave the room.  The guy will usually sit there and explain his opinion two or three times to whoever stayed around....then he'll grin as he says some apology, which you know is bogus.   The ladies will come back out.... grinning....and thinking they bested the guy on national TV. It is sort of comical, if you think about it.

The thing I like about the ladies defending Muslims in that when you bring up the Catholic religion topic....the same ladies would dump heavily on the Vatican or Catholic priests because of a couple of bad priests.  The same logic that works now for Muslim guys.....ought to work for the Catholics, but it doesn't with these ladies.

As for O'Reilly?  He has to be sitting there and wondering if he can get another invite back.  He'll probably ask them how they feel about the NCAA bowl situation....get their response, and then march out of the room all hostile...grinning as he does it.