Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ten Things I Need to Get Straight

1.  Folk get charged up when Michelle Obama speaks?  And that gets them to come out in numbers to vote?

2.  The entire CNN crew who run night operations from six to ten, hasn't had positive numbers for eighteen months.  The changes?  Some new news show with the former governor of New York who quit because of hooker issues?  And this is supposed to do what?

3.  Fox came out in the new season with a show called Lone Star where the chief character is married to two different women and runs around living two completely different lives?  And we were expected to take this serious (it lasted two episodes)?

4.  With the exception of Senator Russ Feingold....there's not a single Senator or Representative who is putting out a positive spin or even speaking on the accomplished health care bill.  Russ is currently running behind his Republican rival.  And the President has to run in 2012....with this as his number one accomplishment?

5.  MSNBC spends an average of thirty minutes per day, between 6PM and 10PM....chatting on ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin.  Here you've got a person who isn't a candidate or running for any office....and they measure up for thirty minutes of time via MSNBC's four hour evening discussion?

6.  California is very likely going to vote marijuana as legal in the November election...and the federal government promises that it won't stand by that vote?  The attorney general has to even promise that he will enforce the law in this case but can't list the other forty odd circumstances of law that he won't enforce in public?

7.  WikiLeaks and these listed secret documents from the Iraqi War to be exposed....will change everything?  Really?  When?   How?

8.  Lindsay Lohan is still considered a contender for movies?

9.  Shovel-ready jobs mean.....ready to start?  Really?  I remember that catch phrase, but for some reason, it just seemed odd to me then.....and now as well.

10.  So Jackass-3D is drawing massive crowds this weekend?  And folks are coming out to the movies to watch some idiots do stuff that would break bones?  And this is entertainment?

The Whore Factor

Typically, if you use the word "whore" in's typically in the backyard or in the garage with a couple of guys around....discussing some woman's behavior which you might appreciate but you won't admit it in public.  Some ladies might use it but it's got to be a tight circle because you don't want to slang the word whore around much.

This week, in California....whore got tossed around a bit because of this governor's race with Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.  Jerry has an associate, who'd he prefer not to identify who can be heard in a phone call identifying Meg as a "whore".  It was a political operative getting this call.....and probably laughing as he taped the whole thing.  Course, it's not Jerry saying it (Jerry would only utter this in the backyard or in the most of us Bama guys).  At some debate, Jerry was finally pushed into the corner and had to apologize for this this utterance of "whore" someone make Meg happy.

The media stood there....trying to figure out how many times in a 40-line article that they could toss the word "whore" around.  Typically....after three times, you've milked this cow clean, but some guys were pretty good at this....getting official comments from political folks who felt this way or that way about "whores".  Then they could always use the Webster's definition of "whore" and get another line onto the article.

By the end of the week, I was wondering if this was over, but then the head of the California chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) came out, saying that yes, Meg Whitman was a whore.  So it's a lot of whore-slanging going on currently in California.  I'm guessing someone will eventually come out and say it's hurting their feelings, then it might stop.  

I stopped and pondered over this.  Supposed they had used the "B-word" or spoken of Meg as a "nut"?  Would that be any better?  If any of this had happened in Bama....a bunch of Baptist ministers would have spoken up and done their best to bring the conversation back into a civil matter quickly.  You can't have "whore" thrown around on Channel Nine, or at some high school football game, or in Sunday school class.

And Meg?  Well....I'm thinking she's been called "whore" a hundred times in her life, and this might not be the last time.

The Dead Campaign Vote

Sadly, we've come down to the point where dead people help in campaigns now. Yes, we have dead people voting in elections. Yes, we have dead people collecting social security. But now, a new episode in American history....with dead ex-Senator Ted Stevens of the dead "wink" over onto the Lisa Murkowski who is now running as a write-in vote in Alaska.

Will Alaskans jump onto the dead bandwagon? It's hard to say. Ted Stevens is like Elvis Presley...or at least up until he got charges put on him before the last election. I suspect that 3,000 voters were sitting there and waiting for a "sign", and this is it....and Lisa gained those 3,000 "vote-for-dead-Teds-support". And secretly, I suspect that at least 300 dead Alaskan voters will come to help Lisa's situation. So maybe this all counts for something.