Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just Observations from Last Night

Just five observations from last night and the election coverage.

First, after watching Harry Reid survive....I pondered upon the situation.  Harry Reid survives on and likely keeps his leadership role.  To be honest, Harry is this Nevada character who doesn't say alot of negative comments (unlike Pelosi).  I actually could see Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid working out compromises.  This might be one of the best working Senates in decades....if you ask me.

Second, while I admit Fox News did the best job for the whole evening....their graphics were 1-star.  I kept flipping over to CNN and admiring their graphics (4-star).  I also admired the continual statistical displays that CNBC kept throwing up and their relationship to business and the election.  As for MSNBC?  It was fairly pitiful and I kept laughing after a five-minute clip, and then turning back to Fox News or CNBC.  Some advice for Ed Schultz.  Ed really looked like a second-year college journalism major.

Third, take a look at the map of congressional seat wins.  This is really a vast image of red.  There's some blue in metropolitan areas, California, west coast, New York, and a few areas of New England....then nothing.  That image says alot.

Fourth, it is shocking the number of Republican governors who won, and the state assembly seats that fell to the Republicans.  From the eight states affected by the Census...who either lose seats or gain seats in the US House in 2012.....all were falling into affected Republican wins.  When they shuffle up the re-districting....the new district will better to Republicans.  If you had to pick one area that was stupid to screw up and lose on....this was at the top of the list.

Fifth and final....there are alot of Democrats who fell by the side in this election.  Frankly, I suspect they are angry with the Washington leadership and will blame people for screwing up what should have been a simple win.  You won't see these people come back.  State Democratic players are going to ask tough questions and demand the President and strategy players radically change.  If they don't....the next group of Senators will fall....and more Democratic Representatives who survived...will have to watch their ships sink in 2012.  Things will have to change...this I strongly suspect.

The Real Results

For me, there was a special part of yesterday's election.  Near to my hometown in Bama....the next town the midst of "DRY" country (meaning no alcohol allowed for over eighty years)....they were finally going to vote on this.

For months, this had been a serious topic in town...bigger than the Republicans or Obama.  Going "wet" meant they'd finally have real tax revenue to use from the booze sales.  Lots of folks were figuring this would help businesses in town and help the city grow.

I won't mention the name of the town....just out of respect for the situation.

So the vote came yesterday....and by was done.  219 for dry and 218 for wet.  Yeah, ONE vote difference.

Recount?  I would imagine that the poll guys would have sat there for another recount each and every vote....but I doubt that it changed.

So things are set now for several years.  No booze.

The ministers will chat Sunday over the effect of one vote.  Each will claim that he cast the vote.  Each will state that God had his hand over the voting mechanism of the town.

The truth? idiot had probably gone out and gotten extremely drunk and celebrating well ahead of time.  He walked into the poll station and cast a stray vote for dry instead of wet.

As the sun rose this morning....and he finally woke up from his hangover....he was trying to remember his day yesterday, and then it hit him....he'd cast the wrong vote.

He's showered and gotten himself ready....standing by the pick-up to drive to work....but he's weeping fiercely and blaming himself for the woes of so many men of the town.  Being drunk and accidentally voting could he face the boys at the bar.

So in a moment of strength and courage....he swore off booze completely in hopes of helping in the next ensure he'd be sober and voting correctly.

Yep, that's my town.  Meanwhile, the folks up at the state line are smiling because they still own the only way for folks to get booze.

Oh, and yeah.....they might have cast a vote or two in support of the town staying dry.  Actually....maybe more than a vote or two.


For several months....folks over in South Carolina made jokes over Alvin Green.  This was the Democratic candidate destined to lose.  We all know the story of Alvin.  But today, let's examine the results from the race.

Alvin lost....but he actually picked up 356k votes.

Consider this.  The Democratic Party basically abandoned him.  No one walked in and donated significant sums of money to his campaign.  There weren't any special interest groups backing him.  There weren't any PACs helping him.  There weren't alot of TV, radio or newspaper ads.

All things out of every three votes went to Alvin.

For a guy to have this much negative press, and almost no still pull 356k votes....says something.  I suspect that Alvin is finished on politics now.  But what will he do next?  Write a book?  Run for mayor of some town?  Become a national spokesperson for something?

The truth is that we all pull for the underdog and would like to see them beat the big guys.  Imagine if two or three million had come Alvin's way in the final month and dozens of ad's had appeared on TV.  Imagine if Alvin had a real press spokesman speaking for him.  Imagine Alvin hiring a team to help make him look better.  Toss in another ten thousand votes here and there....and suddenly, Alvin might have been a winner.

The Partisanship Quote

“When you think of Republicans, you associate us with Vietnam, Watergate and segregation. When I think about Democrats, I associate you with Iranian hostages, 20 percent interest rates and malaise.”

-- Joe Scarborough of MSNBC

Joe is the 'free-thinking' Republican-leaning guy on MSNBC that runs the morning show. About ninety percent of what Joe not worth remembering or even discussing.

Joe wrote a piece yesterday and intended it to be this "push" for folks away from partisanship. Joe was suggesting that folks are up and hyper over politics now....and it was best to chill out and move on. So he tossed this quote to compare impressions of Republicans and Democrats.

I read it a couple of times....and eventually came to be mostly amused by the quote.

If you were a Democrat, and you wanted to associate certain things back over to them...then you brought up Vietnam...most folks would remind you that a Democrat President started American involvement, and eventually a Republican President dissolved our involvement.

If you were a Democrat and brought up'd have to ask why the idiot Republican group planned this 'invasion' of the Watergate Hotel...and then you read up on how the Presidential Press Spokesman had this idea that the Democrats had these nasty (but true) things about his wife (we'd use the word slut but it's not appropriate in thirty-two counties in Bama). So the boys felt they could break in....take the discriminating pictures or such....retreat...and save America from some Democratic release of amusing but true slut news.

If you were a Democrat and brought up segregation....I'd point out that this all occurred throughout the south...with ninety-nine percent of the involved folks being Democratically-elected governors or mayors, from the Democratic Party (check politics in Mississippi in 1966).

As for Iranian hostages? If I were a Republican....I'd probably go back and review the fact that Iran kinda expected better relations with a Republican president in office, instead of Jimmy Carter. This might unhinge me for a while as I tried to balance out being friends with some Jimmy-Ayatollah Iranian character while running an election against Jimmy Carter.

Twenty percent interest rates? The plain truth is that market and banks run a system built on expectations. Sometimes....a twenty-percent interest makes plain sense (especially if a bunch of idiots arrive at the door and ask for loans they can't afford). It doesn't have much to do with Republicans or's real-life business.

Finally, malaise. Joe was trying to suggest that Democrats are associated with malaise. Up until the 1970s...this was a medical term. For some reason...a bunch of idiot reporters came up and attached the word to Jimmy Carter's economic policy. It typically means stagnant.....nothing is moving...folks aren't taking anything serious. I'm not going to slam Joe much on this...but I'm of the mind that we've been in a malaise-zone for forty years. Sometimes, it's low malaise, and sometimes its high malaise. I don't think we've really left this zone since Jimmy Carter.

So this quote that Joe mostly stuff you laugh over and be amused.  I don't think anyone is going to take Joe serious.