Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I Was in the Darkness, and Found LIght

It's an interesting commentary by the CEO of NPR today....listeners of NPR, in her opinion....are a bit brighter than those who listen to "other" networks.

Naturally, she didn't want to say which networks.

Naturally, being from Bama....I paused and pondered over this commentary.  The premise here is that mostly intelligent folks listen to NPR...and thusly gain a bit more insight and understanding of topics via the wonderfully gifted journalists of NPR.   I would have preferred to hear her say which networks she was comparing against....but she'd probably prefer not to mention those.

To be kinda honest, I've been a listener of NPR over the years.  Curiously, I will admit that I came to listen to various comments and began to realize that NPR journalists often left pieces of stories out.  I originally felt it was accidental, but later came to realize that they were either not that gifted or they didn't want to tell an entire story.  So this triggered me to often dig deeper into a story and come to various conclusions that were different from the NPR-told story.

Did this make me brighter?  Yes.

I'll admit it....because of the inept journalism and behavior by the wannabe journalists at NPR....I actually became brighter and more intelligent.  Today, I would regard a great deal of my understanding of economics, politics, and geo-political insight....to come because NPR forced me to become brighter.

It's kinda like some guy coming around to sell you a house without a roof....and you finish up the rest of the job yourself.

So yes, I would give praise to NPR in its greatness.  Had they not gone to the extent of offering me just half-a-story....I would have never gone out and discovered a vast library of knowledge on global warming (or the lack of it).  I would have never gone out and grasped the significance of illegal aliens in the United States and their importance to our economy.  I would have never gone out and understood the housing and mortgage mess.

Ms Vivan Schiller....I wish to thank you as the chief of NPR....for helping me to become as intelligent as I am.  Without rich full reports....I was able to broaden my horizon and become what I am today.  Across this great nation.....every single day...hundreds of people are fulfilling their knowledge and intelligence requirements by going past the NPR standard and grasping what paid journalists cannot comprehend.  As a nation...we are richer and more intelligent...because of NPR's limited focus.

Hopefully, in the years and decades to come....we can count on NPR continuing this trend.  Yes....hopefully.  Otherwise....you could flip over to another network but let's not bring up that topic.