Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Just Part of the Job

Today, I was grabbed by my associate to go out onto network floor of our humble Pentagon basement abode. We are about forty feet below sea-level (at least I think that), and it was a serious emergency of sorts.

About a gallon of strange green liquid lay on the floor.  Yes, strange green liquid.  It was coming from the false ceiling and the air conditioning ducts.

We went through three sets of teams from the Pentagon building staff and none of them were sure of anything.  I finally called the toxic dude of the Pentagon and asked him to take a sample.  By tomorrow....I'll know the exact substance.

The problem of working in facility issues in the that you have people who freak out over mold, mildew, bad air, cold air, hot air, and green liquids on the floor.  After living in Air Force barracks for a number of years....there isn't much of anything that shocks me about building issues.

What does make it curious is that you stand there for three minutes and someone will walk by and want to offer their opinion.  Over the course of thirty get eight different thoughts on strange green liquids.  "Pentagon ooze" typically runs at the higher levels of imagination....and some folks think this green liquid dates back to 1943.  One guy did offer the idea of it being an alien creature who'd died up on the 2nd floor (I didn't buy off on that).

I'm guessing that by tomorrow...I'll find out this was "Simple Green" cleaning solution, and someone dumped it on the floor above and it leaked through.  Case solved.....I'm hoping.