Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Trouble with Approval Ratings

I've come to notice in the past month that folks are now starting to compare an approval rating which involves President Obama and ex-President Bush.

This is kinda like comparing Barry Bonds of baseball fame to Babe Ruth.  It tends to really miss a number of key points.

For President Bush....I'm pretty sure he likes the sudden growth of appreciation.  Folks are settling back down to grasp that he wasn't that bad and maybe he'd be compared in a better light than Jimmy Carter after a decade or so.  I realize this will infuriate Jimmy a bit, but I think he's gotten use to that treatment.

For President's a bit of a negative slam.  He continually used the phrases to say he's out to fix all the broken things left by the old administration....and now folks aren't that negative.  So he's got to find a new phrase to use to explain things in the best light.

On the positive least they aren't comparing Andrew Jackson's rating in the same chart.  That'd really take some explaining.