Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Worst Day of the Year

We are but a few hours from this massive traffic episode occurring.  I've come to realize in DC that you can forecast when there's going to be a mess.

You can start with air travel here on Wednesday.  By 6AM, folks are going to be lined up at Ronald Reagan Airport.  This year, the line will start because of the TSA business and everyone demanding a pat-down.  They will even arrive three hours early just to establish their presence and make the issue known.  My guess is that three hours won't be enough, and that at least 1,000 folks today will miss their flights out of DC.

Yes, stress will become a major factor by lunch as folks stand in line and wait for the frisk.

Then you come to the traffic issue by noon.  Most government workers are likely leaving by lunch and won't be back.  They will run by the house and pick up some bags and then try to evacuate from the DC area....heading north, south, and west.  Just to travel a lousy twenty miles outside of may take two to three hours.

Even if you left the interstate and tried secondary won't matter.  Folks will have already started jumping off and doing that by 1PM to escape the city.

Train travel?  You can expect every train leaving the region...even be crammed full by 1PM.

It's a miserable period for travel.  I mentioned this scenario to a guy I work with...who'd been here for years, and he kinda agreed.  He even suggested it's best to work the whole day and then just drive out tonight to where you desire.