Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Trouble You Don't Need

Sometimes, you can be drunk and just have a good time.  Sometimes, you can be drunk and do something that gets you into serious trouble.  And sometimes, you can be drunk and do something that people will remember for a long time.

So, there's this guy...Rick Ehlert....who is from California and owns a RV dealership.  Rick took his girlfriend with him on a cruise.

Rick got drunk in the midst of the cruise.  Rick showed up in the operating area of the ship where the controls for the anchor are located.  And then, Rick released the anchor in the midst of the voyage.  Down, the anchor went.

The management folks admit it "could have caused significant damage” on the MS Ryndam, but apparently didn't do much.  Course, by this time, the FBI was involved, and that's never a good thing.

So Rick will have some charges leveled at him, and I'd strongly fall on my sword and admit a major drinking problem and hope that the court buys this and demands treatment and some community service deal.  The stupid thing would be two or three months in some jail over an anchor episode, and the possibility that the other cons would figure this out and label you the "anchor-boy".

As for future excursions?  I know the airlines have a no-fly list of bad customers who they won't allow back on their aircraft.  I'm guessing the sailing community has the same type list.  So Rick is likely finished on future sailing episodes.  I'd suggest sticking with RV's in the future for trips.

Good Gossip

Amongst all the WikiLeaks material....there is this one State Department message about Libya's crazed leader...Gaddafi.....and his voluptuous Ukrainian nurse....Galyna Kolotnytska that accompanies him everywhere he goes.

It's an interesting note....and barely anything tied to the gossip except she's 37 years old and a Ukrainian gal who is a nurse.

I sat and pondered over this.  In most circles, it'd be an embarrassing thing....but I'm guessing everyone in the Middle East knew this already and half of the Turkish leaders were desperately trying to bring some hot lusty Ukrainian nurses over to their county.

This might be the start of a great trend for the Uktraine.....getting every single able-bodied girl up into nursing school and then signed off for a $80k a year job taking care of dopey old world leaders.

There's only one picture (copyrighted, so I can't show it) of this Galyna gal, and I kinda sat there a while....half-thinking that she's not a woman and might be some She-male gal.  Course, it's a side-photo, and maybe I'm just seeing things the right way.  Anyway, at least we all know the latest gossip on Gaddafi now and where the best lusty and voluptuous nurses can be found.  Thanks WikiLeaks.