Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Dead May Ride

When you mess around with public start to notice amusing things.  Yesterday in came out that a audit revealed a bunch of dead folks were riding the public transportation system there.

The Regional Transportation Authority came to discover that a minimum of 160 senior free-ride cards were still being used after a declaration of death.  One dead guy had accomplished over 1,400 free trips.  Just in 2009....they came to realize around 25k rides by dead people.  Naturally, this adds up.  The audit estimates around $50k was used by the dead folks.

The hint here is that free-ride cards were taken by someone after the death and kept on being used.

But I sat and pondered over this, and eventually came to realize that we've already got dead folks it wouldn't be such a big deal for dead folks to ride the public transportation system in Chicago as well.  Heck, there might even be dead folks buying property and even establishing credit cards for all I know.

How to repair this?  The natural fix would be to require all dead folks to bring their card down to the main station and help to prevent relatives or associates from stealing it.  I can already see some city council folks passing a law like this.  The other fix would be to make the card a 30-day card and require it to be charged up or swapped up freely each month.  I doubt that they'd be smart enough to force that issue because folks are often helpful to dead folks and their rights.

Just a moment of observation from a Bama guy.

Just Something I Noted

Only something I noticed today...from Segway and GM.  Some experimental vehicle....goes up to 35 mph, and gets around 35 miles on one charge.  No comment on what it might cost....but it has to be at least $7k in my mind.

Where would you use it?  That's the problem.  I doubt that it'd be allowed on sidewalks.  And it's too small to work for streets.  So other than something to run around a retirement community or some flea market....I don't see this ever becoming a reality.

The Downfall of the Incas?

Deep in the jungles of a ancient ruin near Ventarron....digging has resulted in some remarkable archaeological finds.

Chiefly?  The Peruvians (or the legendary Incas) had domesticated cats...namely Pumas.

This apparently goes back 3,500 years.

I sat and pondered over this.  For years, we've wondered what caused the Incas to disappear and this starts to explain things.  The domesticated Puma likely started acting like a Persian cat, and then started to demand kitty snacks....hand fed of by one.  And then, a mighty warrior empire started to erode as everyone got into this kitty appreciation moment.  Over hundreds of years....the mighty Incas were these domesticated cats.

A great race...taken down by those darn cats.