Friday, 3 December 2010

The Alien News

There was a brief announcement by NASA yesterday.  They've basically come to agree that you can find life even in the most toxic chemical....arsenic.

This means that you could go off to the most harsh environment dreamed up by any lab guy....and likely find bacteria still growing....and thus life....on any planet starts to become more than just a one percent chance.

For a highly religious guy, this is going to prove a challenge now to say the Earth is alone in terms of life forms.  The best you can take from a religious prospective is that God populated the universe, and that will keep folks still sitting in the pews and happy for the time being.

Somewhere out there....there's this green Martian guy named Charley....and he's grinning a bit while he chews on some arsenic.  Those Earth guys will eventually figure out the rest of the story....and be mighty surprised.

Parties and Guests

We had a letter in the Washington Post the "Dear Amy" give out advice to naive and dimwitted folks.

I won't put the actual text in because it'd just make it look even more stupid.  So this is my version:

Dear Amy

I'm throwing this baby shower luncheon for my sister-in-law.  After I'd sent out the notices....I had one guest call me up and announce she was a vegetarian and I needed to cooperate with her situation in life.  Then a second guest called and was on a strict gluten-free diet, and I needed to cooperate with her situation in life.  What the heck can I do about this?

Signed, Hostess with Issues

I paused and pondered over this mess.  Twenty years'd toss up some luncheon for a baby shower....offer up tuna casserole, pumpkin pie and some ice-tea....and folks were happy with the offerings.  In the past two decades....things have gone to a situation where you could invite twenty folks over to some function, and eight might have some issue (no alcohol to be served to anyone, a blessing to be said over the food, no pork, no beef, no fish, no peanuts, no coffee, etc).  Some folks might even question if the folks at the function are mostly Republican or Democrat because they can't associate with this group or that group.

I thought about this for a while and put myself in the shoes of the guests.  Knowing the situation....I'd let the naive host know that I was on a t-bone steak diet with baked potatoes & sour cream, and a pecan-pie diet as well....with myself limited to strictly Pabst Blue-Ribbon beer as a beverage.  I'd smile as I mentioned this to the host and mention that I hoped in their heart that they could understand my diet situation and that I'd need some A1 Sauce as well.

I'm guessing I won't be invited to any function. Just my humble guess.