Monday, 20 December 2010

My Cab County

There's an interesting statisitc that I learned about from last week.  I live in Arlington county....which is 99.9 urban (if you didn't know).  Two cab companies had approached the Arlington County Board and asked to up the number of cabs they operate in the county.  The number?  75.

This was a substantial my mind.  The story goes that Arlington already has 765 operating on it's streets....which I thought was a heck of a lot.

The county board came up and said no.

So here in....lies an interesting story.  The county does admit that it's population has increased over the last three years....which ought to make this increase possible.  But then they showed that taxi dispatches actually decreased over the same period by 15 percent.  There were even fewer hotel stays which goes into this situation as well.

But then the most interesting statistic came out.  Per square in Arlington county....we have more cabs than folks in Chicago or New York City.

It's an interesting comparison.  I never put Arlington county into such a elite group.

So on a typical morning...there 700 cabs running around my urban county...moving thousands of people from "A" to "B".  And it's a bigger group than New York City.  I guess I ought to be some urban sort of way.

For a Laugh

A good British commerical to make you laugh.